Friday, March 13, 2009

Fetus Friday

I know! I skipped another week - totally my bad. I'm still not doing a belly shot today, though, because I'm snuggled up in fleece pants and a fleece shirt (it got a wee bit cold here this week) and it doesn't look like I have a belly at all, only a lot of fleece. Anyways - here's the stats, yo!

Week: TWENTY! Halfway through, baby!

Weight Gain: Two pounds, I'm pretty sure. At my appointment on Tuesday, I still hadn't gained anything, but I've eaten pretty solidly the rest of this week and my scale has shown a stead two pound increase. It's about dang time. As much as I relish the thought of fitting into my clothes soon after having this little nugget, I would also like to know that I'm currently giving her enough to eat. My stomach is getting rather sizable, though, so I probably shouldn't worry.

Aches & Pains: The nausea is even better than it was last week - I've only had to take my medicine once this week and I think I'm almost finished with it. It's funny how last week I wasn't really feeling pregnant at all, and this week I TOTALLY am. We keep a baby gate in front of the kid's room and usually I just keep it up and step over it. Well, this week I noticed that when I step over the gate I knee myself in the stomach - totally awkward. And then I noticed that I can't really lay on my back anymore, the weight of the baby really cuts off my air and I start feeling all weird and I definitely can't lay on my stomach anymore (which stinks cause I'm a tummy sleeper) so I'm kindof doing this prop the belly on Dave's back and make the best of it thing. It's working though, so I'm not complaining.

Cravings: Definitely still Mexican food. Oh those enchiladas, I do love them. Also fruit. I've been digging on peaches and plums and grapefruits. The plus side is that I've been getting more nutritious food lately, and that is a definite change of pace from the weeks where all I could stomach was Ramen noodles and sprite. I'm still not feeling my Diet Dr. Pepper, which is a travesty in and of itself, and I'm really not wanting a lot of sweet foods. Having said that, though, I did make Dave go out on an ice cream run last night at 9:30. And it was delicious.

Totally Cool Developments: Nothing really big has happened this week, certainly not like finding out that it's a girl baby I'm baking. She's been thumping and bumping a lot, and Dave and I even got to see my stomach move once when she kicked. That really is the best part, when you are just sitting around feeling someone else dance in your belly. And when Dave gets to see it, it really starts making it all feel real, like it's not just a muscle spasm, it's a real live baby in there getting ready to come out and party. Speaking of making it all feel real - DUDE - I'm half way through! The midwife told me on Tuesday that I could start filling out my hospital paperwork anytime now and send it in. Goo! That makes this all seem so fast. I'm trying to soak it all in because this may be our last one (Dave says it really is our last and I say that maybe we'll tack another one on to keep this one company and he says to quit sneaking babies by him :) ).

Also, we figured out how we're going to house this brood, and we'll probably set up the crib in the next few weeks - EEK. That will mean that there will be an actual baby bed in my house, for an actual baby. It seems weird even thinking of having a crib up, but we're going to put the two girls in one room and we're wanting Tot to have some time to adjust to sharing a room with a baby. There will be lots of talking about NOT EVER PICKING UP THE BABY ALONE. Even if it's the middle of the night and she's crying. It was this thought that kept up from keeping Tot and Little David in one room and getting them bunk beds - can you not just picture Tot climbing up to the top bunk carrying the little baby like she was a blanket? Shudder.

Anyways, thems the facts. We're doing pretty good around here and plugging along nicely. Next week I'll post another belly shot and maybe, maybe, even tell you what we're going to name this thing. If you're good :)


Jennifer said...

I can't believe you're halfway already!! I LOVE the halfway point - it really does start feeling faster and more real, and it's just fabulous :) So exciting.

Diana said...'re PREGNANT?!?!?! HA! I thought you already told everyone her name was going to be Astoria? My bad!