Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Struck Viciously.

Oh yes - the sale was a raging success. Let me tell you some of my best deals:

1 Purple Brand New Bumbo Seat: $10

1 Barely Used Boppy Pillow with 2 Covers (Pink Deluxe & Cotton Flower Polka Dots): $6

1 Plastic Grocery Shopping Cart w/ Food (for the kids): $4

Bag of Baby Pacifiers: $1

5 Dr. Brown's Bottles (4oz and 8oz) with Bottle Brush: $3 (I know!)

Add to all that a few more toys, some more baby stuff (socks, onesies, swaddlers, etc), clothes for Tot (5 pairs of shorts, 4 pairs of jeans/pants, 4 nice church dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs Pj's, 5 Shirts/tank tops, and a couple of cute matching legging/shirt outfits), and a handful of things for Little David (shirts, swim trunks, and underwear) and I got all of that for under $150.00.

I know!! The clothes I got for Tot most of them are almost brand new (some still have tags) and all of them are name brand clothes (my favorite being two pairs of Gap jeans that I refuse to pay full price for but are the best jeans I've ever found for kids) and are crazy cute. Seriously, this will be the best Tot has been dressed in a while - LOL. And she won't need any more clothes at all for the rest of the summer and most of the fall, and won't need jeans until next year. Most of this should even last us through next summer unless she has another freaky growth spurt. I tried to buy larger things in the size she wears so she can use them for while. Little David has so many hand-me-downs that he barely needed anything. In fact, right now his clothes take up 3/4 of his and Tot's closet. So, he only got a few things. This fall I'll probably need to get him more, though.

I plan to go back on Saturday (when I'm volunteering there) for the 1/2 price sale and pick up more clothes for Baby Girl. There are always tons of baby clothes left and it seems silly to pay full price for something that she's going to puke, poop, and pee on consistently. I'm really excited to load up on cute, cheap, baby clothes - I forgot how much fun it is to shop for babies :)

But all of this is nothing compared to the sweet deals my friend Cheryl got - she got to go earlier and found a changing table for FIVE BUCKS. I know! It pays to go early, especially for the big stuff.

So, there are my great deals. I am stoked to have all of the kids clothes shopping done for awhile and to not have to worry about them growing out of anything for awhile. And to be almost done shopping for the baby as well - that's nice. Now I just need some diapers and stuff like that and we'll be set - and 4 1/2 months before she's due!

Well played, Unsinkable. Well played :)


Beth said...

I'm still gawking at the Dr. Brown bargain!

Sarah said...

Okay, remind me if/when I'm ever pregnant or have kids in the very distant extremely far-off future, that i need to go to Dallas for a little consignment shopping.

Congrats on your haul!