Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week here at the Unsinkable's. We've lazed along, doing a little work here, doing a little resting there, and really enjoying the gorgeous weather. I mean, really, is there anything better than having your windows open 24 hours a day and letting the breeze blow in? Nope, there just isn't. And so, in that spirit, these are the things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Dave coming home tonight!! As always, Thursdays are the day Dave gets back from AR and it's pretty much the best day of the week. The kids and I pick up around the house and try to have something special for him like a picture or a dessert we all made. Also, It looks like his travel schedule is going to be slowing down for the time being, and I am quite pleased. That is certainly something I'm thankful for!

2. The library. I know that is kind of a random thing to be thankful for, but man we get our tax dollars out of that place. We get at least four movies a week, a few cd's, dozens of books and we get to use them all for free. The kids love going - it's one of their favorite places. We get there and I let them pick out their books and then sit in the kids section and read in the little "reading cottage" or do some puzzles. Then we go to the kids movie section and they get to pick out one movie a piece (sometimes two if I'm feeling fabulous). And finally, after they've been saturated with new things to read, I take them to the adult section, sit them in chairs, and let then read their new books while I do some quick browsing. Perfection.

3. Java Chip Frappachinos & Allowances. Each week Dave and I both get allowances. It may sound silly, but I absolutely love it. Having this money set aside has completely tamed our budget because we know that each week we have a little bit of money that is for our own personal use, for whatever we want, no questions asked and no guilt if it's something silly. So, in turn, we are very diligent with the rest of our money (which, hopefully, I'll be able to post a pretty fantastic update about our Dave Ramsey progress in the next two months or so) and have been able to be much better about sticking to our budget. Anyways, what I'm really thankful for this week is my allowance and that it has allowed me to cater to the baby's whims of having three Java Chip Frappachinos a week. Yes, a week. I'm a little addicted and I love it. LOVE it. Nom nom nom.

4. This is going to get repetitive, but have I mentioned how much I love the weather right now? I realize that I've yammered on about it for the last umpteenth posts, but seriously this weather is fantastic. After this winter and being sick all day and stuck inside, I started to get the crazy itch to get outside and in nature as much as humanly possible. For now, that means being in our backyard and watching Tot dig up RollyPollys (can anyone tell me a better way to spell that?) and grubs and seeing Little David charge around under the trees holding sticks and playing pirates. I have many more plans for getting outside of our yard that include picnics at some local parks and hopefully getting out to some great state parks nearby. I'd love to go camping, but I'm not sure how The Belly would do sleeping on the ground. The urge to commune with nature is pretty stout, though, so we'll see who wins.

5. Okay, I'm going to have to end this early because my son WILL NOT leave me alone. I mean, good grief. I only need two hands to type and he's laying on my arm and leaning over my lap and he's inching his way literally on to the laptop. This wouldn't be a big deal, I'm always up for a good snuggle, but we've been snuggling for the last TWO hours and I'm am ready to have my arms free. Laws. Anyways, I will end up this thankful post being thankful for a snuggle bunny little son who loves his mommy and always wants to be close and will be praying that this stage doesn't end anytime soon. He'll be a burly teenager soon enough and I'll soak this up for now :)


JRandDaisha said...

I get the Java Chip with a shot of mint. Can. not. beat. that.


Unsinkable Kristen said...

Oh friend, I am all over that. In fact, it was my drink of choice until they raised the prices. Now I forgo the mint so I can keep it under $4. However, for very special occasions (like Wednesday or I like these pants days or just every other day) I am SO with you there.