Monday, March 30, 2009

We've Got A Pajama Day, Folks.

I'll just put it this way: It's past noon, we are all still in pj's. The kids had dry Fruity Pebbles for breakfast and I had two cups of Marshmallow Lovers Hot Chocolate (I love the crunchy mallows.). At some point I will reheat leftovers for lunch. The tv has been on all day, and there is a spot on our floor that is sticky and I've walked over it six times and still haven't wiped it up.

Like I said, it's a pajama day. Lov. Ing. It.


MamaHen Em said...

It's perfect! I had an entire pajama week last week!

Friend Chick said...

I'm with ya sista! It's 6 pm, getting ready for dinner, and me and my little one are "ready for bed", since we never dressed today. Hmmm, so bad but so good!

Becky said...

that nearly describes every day around here. but i DO try to shower before micah gets home and put on "house" clothes (the adult form of play clothes.)