Thursday, April 02, 2009

5 Habits Of The Highly Pregnant Unsinkable

I realized the other day that I don't have too much longer until I have three, count them, three children. What on earth am I going to do with THREE kids? Not what I'm doing now, that's for dang sure. I've decided that while I'm still in the middle of this second trimester energy burst, that I should probably get some good habits worked on.

And so, I'll be working on 5 Habits Of The Highly Pregnant Unsinkable. During the month of April (well, April minus one day, but I didn't think anyone would believe me if I posted it yesterday :) ), I'll be trying out things to make me a more effective and pleasant person, run a more efficient and calm household, and set up things so that hopefully (hopefully!) our transition to a five-person household won't be so jarring. At the end of the month, I'm hoping to have these habit securely under my belt and to be able to work on a few new habits each month until the baby comes. Then I'll just work at not leaking milk through my shirts in public and remembering to zip my pants after months of wearing only elastic. It's the little things, friends.

5 Habits Of The Highly Pregnant Unsinkable

Habit #1: Morning Report
BoldThe Morning Report (you know, like in The Lion King?) is my attempt to start my day with purpose. For me, that means getting up before the kids and having some bible time, drinking something warm, and doing a quick internet check. It means that I won't start my day in a perpetually snoozing state or resentful of the little people that woke me :). I know that post-baby this won't look exactly the same, but it's better to have an established habit beforehand that I try to adapt than to try to start it all brand new with a tiny thing attached to me :).

Habit #2: Internet Limits

Ah, Internet Limits. The habit I least look forward to. I was noticing the other day how much time I spend online completely aimlessly. I mean, total, complete, useless rechecking of sites I know haven't updated with anything new. Bloglines hasn't really helped any, now I just recheck that. It all adds up to ridiculous amounts of wasted time. So, the habit that I will be working to establish is limiting my recreational internet time to when the kids are asleep. That means, Krisen, that you can check the weather before you go to the store but not whether or not any spoilers have been posted for The Office. So, I'll be doing a quick run through in the mornings, probably popping on at naptime to blog, and then doing a little mindless Facebooking in the evenings. A nice, healthy, normal activity level that I can then adjust as needed, with the adjustments always moving to the "less" column.

Habit#3: Daily Read Aloud

Now, this is the habit I'm actually looking forward to focusing on. I usually read outloud to the kids everyday. But like most energetic kids, their attention span is a little lacking. Tot can now sit still for a pretty good chunk of time and listen to a story, but we're working on Little David. It's my plan to work them up to 30-40 minutes of out loud reading at a time, with me on the couch and each of the kids on one side. It's not just for educational reasons (although that would be enough), I'm hoping that this will help me particularly after I have the baby and will need to spend large chunks of time sitting still and nursing. It would be great to have them already trained to sit for at least one nursing session and be read to quietly, without fuss. That would let me keep the tv time down, them occupied with something worthwhile, and all while I keep the baby happy. I'm going to assume that this habit will carry over for a few months, and that we won't get that large of time down in just one month. But we'll give it the Unsinkable Try.

Habit #4: Rest Time

Now, I know that I am swiftly heading towards the business end of this pregnancy and that I'm going to be getting tired and I'll be getting that way soon. By the end of this month, I'll be in my third trimester (YIKES) and there is nothing I need to do more in those last few weeks that make sure I get plenty of rest. So, here's the plan. I'm going to be trying to take regular resting breaks this month. I plan to get all of my household chores done in 15 minute sections, and then spend the 1-2 hours the kids are napping/resting doing the same thing myself: napping or resting. No more trying to clean the whole house during that time, or trying to fold eight loads of laundry. Nope. I'm going to be sitting somewhere with my feet up or laying somewhere with my head down. Maybe this should be the habit I'm most excited about.

Habit#5: Thoughtful Grocery Shopping

And finally, food. I have a good feeling that on Fetus Friday this week I will have made a sizable leap in the weight department. This would be totally great if I had been stuffing my face with fruit and grass fed beef or something, but I've been instead stuffing my face with cookies, milkshakes, and pizza. Not exactly a good nutrient base for baking a small person. I hear they like vitamins and such. And so, this month I'll be making a more concentrated approach to eating a little healthier and trying to snack on foods that are more fresh and less packaged. After all, we're getting into the best season for fresh fruits and veggies and I should be taking advantage of the cheap bounty :). The goal is to do 60% or more of my grocery shopping at Sprouts (the rockin' farmers market type place around here) and the other 40% at Kroger on things like diapers (yes, he's still in diapers. Sigh.) toilet paper and such. I would like to eventually do all of my shopping at the farmers market, but for right now it's just not feasible. Babysteps, babysteps.

Anyways, there are my 5 Habits Of The Highly Pregnant Unsinkable. You could call this an extravaganza if you want to (it totally is) and you are welcome to join me in starting some new habits in April - what do you think you'll work on?


Beth said...

OH Unsinkable, have I totally been thinking of this myself!
Mostly at 3am when i'm up with Elle-Girl thinking, will I ever sleep again in the next 4 years!?
Righ tnow I"m working slowly through spring cleaning, then we will move on to a yard sale to de-clutter, then switch all the rooms around so that the "girls" can eventually share a room. Then I can begin to preapre this baby a space all its own. Funny, with Elenore I already had curtains bought washed and ironed and hung by this point. *sigh* Right now I'm just really enjoying having a clean kitchen, however long that will last.

Tiffany said...

Wait - it's 10:80 p.m. Wednesday night. How are you posting this on Thursday already. Am I in a time warp? Seriously - I am really confused.

LBC said...

I think it's funny that you tried to be sneaky and make it look like this was posted on Thursday morning! If I hadn't adjusted the time stamp on some of my posts in the past - when I actually blogged - I would be as confused as Tiffany!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Oh you caught me. Normally, I can pre-blog a post and then set it to post right at the time I choose, but today I accidentally hit publish before changing the time stamp. And once it's out there, I can't change it, except by changing the stamp belatedly and making it look like I'm posting from the future. Which I totally am. This is Thursday's Kristen talking.

Tiffany said...

Dude, sorry. I did not mean to call your bluff. I'm just such a technopobe that I really didn't knwo that kind of crazy option was available. Now I feel like a jerk. I had just finished a huge editing project and in my bleary-eyed, foggy-minded post-editing stupor, I was so utterly confused that after I signed off I went and checked every calendar in the house.

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