Monday, April 13, 2009

An Exhaustive Look At The Last Three Months.

The Terrible Twosome.


My Mom and I.

Playing out back.

First day with Annie.

During some backyard fun, Little David attacks Tot with a "sword".

Tot attacks back.

Dave has an idea.

And the Great Fight Of '09 begins.

Tot had the biggest sword, but Dave won in the end.

The ubiquitous Family Easter Picture.

Tot, Caleb & Little David

The (indoor) hunt!

Little David found his Bob the Builder pliers and decided they were more fun than Easter eggs.

And then we slept.


Tiffany said...

Oh! Each picture is cuter than the last -- until the...well...last, which is just the most precious ending to your little narrative. So glad you all had such a fun day!

Sarah said...

Wow, Tot could not possibly look any more like you than she does in the pic of her in the red-checked dress. She is completely a little you. I'm just waiting for her to hold the camera in front of her and take a picture of herself...

LD is not so L anymore. Wow, he looks so much older in these pics.

And I'm with the last pic. Who can resist a sleeping dog? Especially when they're laying on their backs!

I give this post a "Strong".

Tracey Clem said...

Did you say "exhaustive" or "exhausted"?

And I thought "Little David" was going to officially become "Bubba" in blogland.

Happy Easter to the Unsinkable Clan!

Beth said...

So precious! Can't wait to see Ali-Gator added to the mix!

Cynthia said...

Gotta love the nose-pickin' pic. Classic.

Aubree said...

We need to get L. David and Jonathan together to debate the merits of the Bob the Builder Pliers with the Handy Manny ones Jonathan got in his Easter basket. Do Bob's pilers have eyes that roll when you clamp and unclamp them?? :)