Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Family That Protests Together...

The kids and I attended our first protest together today. We joined my Mom and her husband Tim at the Tea Party in Bryan, Texas and I have to say, while I didn't agree fully with everything said, I heartily agreed with the sentiment of the day: Less Government Is Better. I'm not a hugely political person, but I do have a large problem with my state representative voting in direct opposition to their constituents wishes (cough...Kay Granger...cough). When a clear majority of your people ask you not to do something and you do it anyways - Bad form, man, bad form.

And so, the kids and I loaded up with Mom and Tim, got our camp chairs and signs, and went to the park to listen to some flaming retoric, a poem by a John Wayne impersonator (Seriously. Not the highlight of the day), some very well thought out points, and some people that were just glad to be heard. The kids got a great civics lesson (because, you know, they'll remember it) on government and democracy and how it's important to listen, but don't believe everything you hear. I wanted them to know that just because you hear it, doesn't make it true.

Anyways, my political/parenting views aside, the kids were hilariously adorable and the hit of our little section of the Tea Party. They got their pictures taken many times, and Tim thinks they'll make the paper - LOL. They were by far the cutest little protesters there.

And so - the pictures - enjoy!


Chappy said...

I'm a proud daddy right now.

JRandDaisha said...

Those pictures are adorable.

Now I wish I'd loaded up my bunch and taken them to the Tallahassee Tea Party.

..."Party like it's 1773!" (classic)

Aubree said...

Good show!! I'm glad you exercised your rights today and taught your kiddos about freedom of speech!

Tiffany said...

You know I love it! I wish there had been a Tea Party around here.