Monday, April 06, 2009

Puppy Days

We still love our puppy.

She's still adorable.

However, she has also chewed through a computer wire and pooped twice on my floor.

But it's good practice for having a baby - I've spent the last day picking up every tiny little chewable thing off the floor :)


Tiffany said...

But think of how much sooner she'll be potty-trained than a baby! That's got to be a plus in the Annie column!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Which reminds me - anyone have tips on house training??

Sarah said...

Mine came house-trained so I won't be any help, sorry.

Annie's cute. Layla can't wait to have their first CTT dog gathering.

Cat said...

My tip for house training...crate train her. No, it's not harsh. Dogs like to have a "den-like" area that is just their space. The key is that they won't pee/poop where they sleep if they can at all avoid it. So, she stays in the crate any time that you can't have both eyes on her. When she comes out you are with her every second...maybe even tether her on a leash to you. This way you are right there when she starts to squat to pee or poop and can rush her outside immediately. Then praise, praise, praise like there's no tomorrow! Of course, taking her out at least every half an hour whether she shows signs of needing to go or not is a must until she gets the idea too. You keep praising when she goes in the right place though and she'll catch on really quick.

Our biggest mistake with our first dog was letting him free in the house without watching him every second. I know it seems demanding, but a week or so of that will keep you from having to endure months and months of cleaning up messes.

Tiffany said...

I echo everything Cat said. It worked like a charm with Tater. He still has his Pugoda, which is now a little retreat for hinm. his toys sleep there and we make a rule not to touch him or even talk to him when he's hanging out in there so if he wants a break from us, he can have one. It's his little private space that started out for potty training and then became his own personal retreat.

Anonymous said...

Crate training is the fastest and easiest!