Monday, April 27, 2009

A Visual

All home schools look different, and even ours changes from day to day and during different seasons. But this is what ours looks like today:

Usually we start around 9 or 10. I put Little David at the little table in the corner, where he can color or read library books while I'm working with Tot at the table doing reading and writing. He's really just now in a place where we can do this. Before we would usually wait to do school until Little David went down for a nap and then Tot and I would do school together. Thankfully, he's in an older stage now and having him in the room isn't as big of a distraction.

After Tot and I are finished, we all go to the living room and work on group things like counting and sorting and doing our daily reading. We have these great little counting bears that we love, Dave's mom got them for Tot and we use them all the time. Little David works on his colors and counting and them I use them to do little bits of addition and subtraction with Tot. Then we just throw them all around and play with them. For our daily reading, we are reading Little House on the Prairie and the kids love it. We try to do a chapter a day, which is perfect for Tot, but can be a little much for David. His attention span isn't quite there yet. But I try to let him just be in the room playing quietly while we read. It isn't so much training him to be still as it is training him to listen and enjoy books - especially books that have no pictures. We started off with Little House in the Big Woods, and I plan to take us all the way through the series, which is nine books long. I have a feeling we'll be reading them for a long, long time :).

Next fall things will look a little different, obviously. Tot will have more work to do (we'll be adding science and phonics), I'll have separate things to do with Little David, and a whole 'nother kid to look after. I'm certain that the first few weeks of fall will be an interesting adjustment, but since we are currently planning to do school year round, I don't think it will be too bad since we won't be dealing with starting back after a long break (can you just hear the naivety seeping from the words I type?). Regardless, I'm glad we've found a little routine that works for us in this season. I guess we'll just change when need be :)


Beth said...

I think it sounds perfect!
At what age did you start this training with David? I look forward to doing this in my own home eventually!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

We really just started doing this the last few weeks. And for us, it was less about training and more about making sure he has plenty of active time before and afterwards so that he isn't already bored and energetic when we are just starting. Also, having fun things to do at a table just for him has helped.

Tiffany said...

What fun. Can I come and join you all? I promise to play quietly if my attention lapses. This sounds liek such a great arrangement for yuo all. I can't wait for updates!