Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Call This...Good Day.

I know it's a little early in the day to call the entire thing, but I think that I can say with fair certainty - We Call This... Good Day.

I woke up before the kids today, which is rare and fantastic in and of itself. My kids are such early risers, that I usually just let them start the morning and wake me up when they do. But since they went to bed a little later last night, they slept in a little this morning and I woke up at 7am to the smell of coffee brewing (I love you, automatic coffeepot) and sun streaming through my windows. Those of you familiar with my house may be questioning that sun I'm speaking of, because up until two days ago our trees out front were so thick and overgrown that not a stitch of sun could make it into the house. Well, we got our neighbor boy (who is actually closer to 20, but whatever) to trim the trees up and boy howdy, that kid trimmed the trees. We can actually see the sun inside our house now, and from the street you can actually see our house. It's fantastic.

But back to the morning.

I got to see sun streaming through our windows, hear the birds chirping, and not hear the sounds of my kids flooding the bathroom or whatever unsupervised activity of choice they usually start the day with. I just sat on the couch pleased as punch. Then :Little David toddled out of his room all sleepy and he snuggled with me for a moment and then we started our day. I got coffee for Dave, Tot woke up, we opened all the blinds in the rest of the house and made beds, and Little David helped me make oatmeal for everyone. We turned on Jerry Jeff Walker on the iPod and ate breakfast to soothing music and good chatter. Then we all got dressed and made plans to go to story time at the library, Dave went out to his office to work and the kids sat down to watch Sesame Street.

And now I'm listening to Lyle Lovett (it's been a Texas music morning), blogging away, and enjoying the slight breeze through the windows. On the schedule for the day is Story Time at the library, a little laundry folding, dishes, playing outside and digging for worms, laying on the hammock, going to church, taking a nap, and making spaghetti.

See? I told you - We Call This... Good Day.


Tiffany said...

Plus, there is a package headed your way right now (I found a bigger box so it's all in one) and should be on your doorstep in a week!

MamaHen Em said...

It sounds like a really, really good day!