Thursday, May 28, 2009

One For The Fans

My family is always complaining that I need to put more pictures of the kids up here, so this one is for them. :) Here are the pictures I took while we were at a Rangers game a couple of weeks ago. The kids are now HUGE "T's" fans. We kept trying to tell them it was the Texas Rangers but because we were all wearing hats with "T's" on them, they wouldn't listen. It's the thought that counts :)

Tot singing The Star Spangled Banner

Unsinkable and her Tot

Tot eating one of many $1 hot dogs :)

Little David with Aunt La La
(The kids never could say Laura Beth, so we called her La La and now it has morphed into them saying Aunt Ya Ya and is really hilarious)

The kids with Dave's mom, Neina

Dave and I :)

David 2 and David 3 singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame

This is the kids in their pioneer hats after we read Little House on the Prairie.
Obviously, it wasn't taken at the game, but I just love Little David's grin :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Checklist

So, I went to the Doctor yesterday and got the all clear. No preterm labor here! In fact, I was cleared to resume living as normal and while Dave doesn't exactly agree (and has insisted that I still sit more than stand and drink lots of water and rest, rest, REST) I am feeling great about not being confined to small movements. I don't know how I would survive bedrest. Oh yes I do. I would DIE.

But maybe I'm being a little dramatic.

Anyways, all of the weekend excitement made Dave and I realize that it would probably be smart of us to get some of these baby preparations under way. We had a lot of basic stuff ready, but we still need some finishing touches. And so, in the grand tradition of posting all of my To Do Lists here - I give you:

Preparing For An Unsinkable Baby: Volume Three

1. Things I Absolutely Have To Do Before "B-Day"
Pack hospital bag (I'm mostly done with this :))
Get bassinet
Find those wiley nursing bras (Did they just get up and run away one day??)
Get another pack o' diapers and wipes
Get one preemie outfit (because I tend to make tiny babies and I would like one of them to have at least one outfit that fits)

2. Things I Would Really Prefer To Do Before "B-Day"
Get nursing pj's (And they're super cute!!)
Rearrange Master Bedroom for better nocturnal movement and bassinet positioning
Clean carpets
Get Haircut (and get a Pedicure :) )
Pack bags for the kids for when I go into labor

3. Things I Would Do If I Were Totally Awesome But Odds Are They Just Aren't Happening Before "B-Day"
Order all July birthday presents in June (We have so many family birthdays in July it's nuts.)
Paint Little David's room & hang his name letters
Make extra meals and freeze them for after baby
Deep clean the entire house - every nook, cranny and crevice so that no skanky germs touch my sweet little baby.

Sigh. That's the dream. But after two kids I've at least learned to prioritize and put things into perspective :). It's much more important that the baby has diapers than everyone get their birthday presents on time, so when I have a spare moment I'll be working from the top of this list on down. Which means that I probably won't have every nook and cranny cleaned by the time the baby is born, but maybe I can get a head start on it :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Felt Like A Survey Kind Of Day

I'm really not operating at the highest of levels today, so I thought a survey was in order.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
  1. Having. This. Baby. (when she's a little more baked, of course)
  2. Going to Lake Tyler this weekend!!!
  3. Seeing friends from out of town over the next few months.
  4. Wearing pants with no elastic.
  5. My friend Cheryl having her baby!!!
  6. Getting my hair cut in the next few weeks (it's going short, baby).
  7. Going to the doctor in a few hours and hammering out this "rest" thing. (Please, no full bed rest. Please, no full bed rest.)
  8. I mentioned having the baby, right?

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Had some contractions.
  2. Laid on the couch.
  3. Had more contractions.
  4. Took a hot bath and stopped the contractions.
  5. Ate a sandwich.
  6. Laid on the couch.
  7. Had some contractions.
  8. Drank tea, stopped the contractions, went to Target, had some contractions, fell asleep stopped the contractions.
What an exhilarating day :)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Heal my Troll Foot.
  2. Stop these contractions without medication (That's the dream, people!).
  3. Pay off our last bit of debt super fast and go and get Dave his motorcycle :)
  4. Play piano.
  5. Drink this HUGE bottle of water just a little faster so I can feel better about the DDP I'll be drinking later.
  6. Pull off a pixie cut.
  7. Find a cute pair of nursing pajamas somewhere other than Motherhood Maternity because I really don't want to go to the mall (and I'm pretty sure Dave won't let me anyways) and I really don't want to pay shipping to buy any online.
  8. Find my nursing bras. I seem to have lost them since I stopped nursing Little David and I'm sure I just stuck them in one of my clothing storage buckets but I also wouldn't put it past me to have burned them immediately after weaning.

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Biggest Loser (although, if it doesn't quit being so drama-y I'm not watching it anymore).
  2. The Mentalist
  3. The Office (Don't kill me, but I may be over this show.)
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Chopped
  7. Dirty Jobs
  8. Super Why & Between The Lions :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, That Was Interesting.

So, last night I went to the hospital for preterm labor. Seriously.

After a rockin' Sietes, Baby! trip (which I will blog about tomorrow - promise), Dave and I picked Little David up in College Station (about three hours away) where he had spent the weekend with Mom and Tim, and started to make our way home. While driving, I started to have contractions every 10 minutes. They were pretty light and I wasn't too concerned about it - mostly because I am nearing the end of this and your body starts to prepare for labor much sooner than you realize and usually it's no big deal. So, we're driving and I'm contracting and I'm all "No worries, Dave. No big deal." Dave wasn't convinced that it was no big deal, but on the whole he takes my pregnant health a lot more serious than I do, and I assured him - no worries, I just need to rest when we get home. And then they start coming every seven minutes, then every five, then every three.

By the time we got home (after multiple bathroom stops, and I mean multiple) I was actually starting to feel uncomfortable and have a dull backache. No bueno. I was still sure that all I needed to do was rest and it was no big deal, though. Dave's awesome parents brought Tot to us instead of us having to pick her up, and upon walking through our front door I promptly laid down on the couch, put up my feet and drank about a gallon of water. After another hour, the contractions were coming every 1 to 2 minutes and were starting to hurt. Really no bueno. I went back and forth on whether or not to do anything like call the doctor, but when they started to get pretty painful Dave insisted that I call the Doctor and so I did. The on-call Doctor told me to get to the hospital right away. Well, fine.

So, we loaded the poor kids back into the car and drove to the hospital where again, Dave's awesome parents took the kids for us and got them dinner and took them to our house (and also fixed the air conditioner again, for which I am eternally grateful). Dave and I sat in the hospital where they monitored me for awhile and concluded that, yes, I was having regular and real contractions every 2 minutes and we needed to STOP this party. Baby Girl is NOT finished baking. Luckily, I hadn't started to dilate much and while my cervix was thinning some, (what? Is that too much information?) so we weren't in an immediate problem zone. We were actually pretty lucky, because had I had my way and just stayed home and pushed through it, I may have started dilating and this could have been more serious.

After a few hours and a test or two, they ended up giving me three shots and a pill of terbutaline, a labor stopping drug, and thankfully the contractions pretty much petered out and eventually stopped. It did have the delightful side effect, though, of making me horribly jittery and almost unable to stand on my own. I'm not the most graceful of people under regular circumstances, so I'm pretty sure I looked like the equivalent of a drunk toddler. Thankfully, Dave kept the snickering to a minimum (or he was just silently terrified I would drop the baby at any moment - also possible) and helped me back into the car and on home under the instructions from the doctor that I was supposed to REST, not do anything that could start contractions again, and to come in right away if they starting coming regularly. So, not formal bedrest, but not a clean bill of health either. Fabulous.

Once home, I hopped in bed, cried (it had been a long night), and drank another gallon of water.

**Sidenote** I was informed by the on-call doctor and nursing staff that my pee sample was "a beautiful thing, almost like a god of pee". Not even joking. Apparently, pregnant women come in there all the time complaining of cramps and then come out of the bathroom with a pee sample that looks like tea, demonstrating their dehydration, thus explaining the cramps. They made such a big deal out of my see-through pee that Dave and I thought they were going to save it and put it on display to teach all other pregnant women a lesson. I have literally never seen grown adults so pleased with pee. ***End Sidenote***

Anyways, Dave's parents left while I was still crying and drinking (doesn't that sound great?) and when I got out of the bedroom, the kids were sleeping and Dave was getting ready to order pizza. Perfect. So, I spent the rest of the night on the couch eating pizza, drinking tons of water, and talking with Dave about exactly what kind of resting I am supposed to be doing here. Obviously, Dave prefers to err on the side of caution (he is NOT a fan of medical issues and would probably wrap me in gauze and carry my in his pocket at this point), and I want this kid to stay put, so we settled on today being a couch day (where I don't leave the couch except to shower and make some of that displayable pee), the rest of this week being a modified couch week (where I spend most of the time on the couch, but get up as necessary) and if I have no more contractions then we'll start adding regular activity in.

I plan on spending the rest of today on the couch, per Dave's orders, and resting. I also plan on totally revising my "Do Before Baby" list and making a shorter list including only the necessary things and not the "I wish" things, like getting Little David's room painted. I still need to pack my hospital bag (which sounds ridiculous to do so early, but whatever), get the baby's car seat down from the attic, and get a little bassinet for the baby to sleep in in our room (our old on got peed on by our old dog, Bear, and let me tell you, you can NOT get a gallon of dog pee out of a pack n play). Hopefully, we can get that stuff done this week and proceed to not worrying about this baby arriving for another 7 1/2 more weeks.

So, that was my Sunday - how was yours?

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Love My Fetus.

You've waited so patiently, so here you are - another......FETUS FRIDAY!!

Week: 30 - WOW! Like I said earlier this week - Sweet. Fancy. Moses.

Weight Gain: Still 16 pounds. I've hit a standstill the past few weeks, but I'm not complaining because now is the time I usually pack on the weight and I'd like to not end up the size of Cowboy's Stadium.

Aches & Pains: Actually, it really hasn't been too bad. For 30 weeks I'm feeling pretty good. I've got the obvious hormonal surges ("I think we should do this. No that. No this. No that. WHAT DO YOU MEAN MAKE UP MY MIND???" *sobsobsobsob*), and a considerable amount of pressure that makes it feel like the baby will make her appearance any time I stand up from the couch. I've decided to wear tight fitting jeans for the rest of this pregnancy just to make sure she doesn't actually fall out. But my energy levels are decent, I haven't hit that wall of exhaustion yet where you feel like you've been pregnant forever and will continue to be pregnant forever and that the baby will never. ever. come. out. I fully expect that feeling to arrive any day now, but at this point I'm more interested in keeping this kid inside a little longer because it all feels like it's moving pretty fast.

Cravings: Nothing too ridiculous or regular. Unlike the other two, I haven't had any consistent cravings and I haven't really had too much of an appetite. Every week or so, something will sound really great and urgently necessary and Dave will go hunt and gather for me, but nothing like when I was pregnant with Little David and required a Hershey bar followed by a Frosty at night. I've been enjoying chocolate and Starbucks (totally not cutting back) and the other day I REALLY wanted Twizzlers and Skittles. So, sugar really. :)

Totally Cool Developments: Seriously, I only have about 8 weeks left. We've already discussed that I'm not going full term this time and my midwife echoed that this morning at my appointment. I'll discuss with my Dr. when exactly he plans on inducing, but I have plans to start that train on my own once I hit 38 weeks. I'm not a fan of pitocin inductions, so I'll be doing the Castor Oil route. It worked with Little David and I've got fingers crossed it will work with this one, too :). I plan to have the baby natually, with no drugs, and starting the labor with pitocin makes that ever so much harder. Those pitocin contractions are AWFUL. The midwife also said that Baby Girl is measuring almost two weeks ahead and that she looks pretty big. Is there anything more nerve racking to hear than "Oh that thing you plan on pushing out? It's looking much bigger than normal."? I'm glad she's growing and healthy, but I am perfectly happy with my small 6 pound babies that come out fast and see no reason to change that pattern now thankyouverymuch.

Anyways, she's looking great, moving great, growing great, I've got lots of energy despite being borderline anemic (apparently I need to start taking iron every other day now), and I am now moving to every other week appointments. I know! Does that seems super fast to anyone else? Because it sure does to me. I'm trying to remind myself that I still have the entire month of June left (plus parts of May and July) and to not freak out, but laws have mercy, it's moving much quicker than I feel comfortable with :).

Belly Shot: I'll take on this weekend while Dave and I are on SIETES, BABY!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love My Bubba.


He is my snuggler. Every day before naptime and every night before bedtime, he comes up to me and says "Need snuggle in rockin' chair, Mommy." We get our snugs in, and then he's out like a light.

He is all BOY. Trains, cars, trucks (oh, the trucks), dirt, jumping, kicking, hitting, yelling, sticks, snails and puppy dog tails - that is what my Bubba is made of.

He adores his sisters. He thinks Tot created the Earth and everything in it and would thus follow her to the ends of it. He thinks Baby Allison is the most precious thing in the world, even though she is still in my belly, and asks every day to "See Baby Awison" and talk to her through my belly button. He tells her to come out soon and that he loves her.

He eats. The boy EATS. I have never in my life seen a small child eat as much as this kid. It is in no way unusual for him to eat three adult sized bowls of Oatmeal for breakfast and then to ask for an extra glass of milk because " I starvin' Mama".

He wants to be just like his daddy. He follows Dave around the house no matter what and loves to be helping him to manly things. They change the oil in the cars, they chop wood, they wittle with their pocket knives, and they take care of the girls.

He has no interest in performing. Unlike his sister, who is destined for the stage, this guy won't do anything if there is an audience, including me. I say "Bubba, can you sing me your ABC's?" and he always says "No, tanks." "Let's count to 20!" "No, tanks." "What color is this?" "No, tanks."

He is one tough cookie. He falls and puts his teeth through his lip? No biggie. He falls and cuts his head and has to get a staple put in? Whatever. Time to pull the staple out? Bring it. With all of these instances he cried less than 10 seconds each. All he needs is an acknowledgment that he got hurt and then he's fine, no matter how serious the injury. It's nice that he's not a weenie, but at the same time it's a little unnerving knowing he has a higher pain tolerance than I do.

When he sees anyone wearing University of Texas gear, he throws up the Longhorn sign and yells "HOOK EM!!"

He can entertain himself. As long as I have given him plenty of one-on-one snuggles and attention, then he is off to the races. He needs no one to plan anything, no direction, no help, no nothing. Give him a box of cars and he'll play by himself contentedly for hours and hours. If you add in some trains or action figures you won't see him until it's time to eat. But beware, if you haven't filled up that Snuggle Tank full enough, you can't pry him off your body with a crow bar. Kid needs his snuggles.

He is Dave's smaller identical twin, but with my butt-chin :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet Fancy Moses.

I only have 10 weeks left until my due date.

I have never made it until my due date.

I have 8 weeks left until I hit 38 weeks, and the probable time around which I'll have this baby.

Sweet. Fancy. Moses.

I have a lot to do before then.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Love My Tot


She eats tons and tons of vegetables. She loves nothing better than to dig into a salad (and then take second and third helpings) and tells me that she needs a "healthy snack".

She lives her life in song. There is nothing she does that isn't accompanied by her own musical score and rather insightful lyrics.

She shares. She gives her brother anything and everything and shares with him even her most favorite toys.

She is funny. Dave and I have never laughed more than with our Tot.

She tries to calm herself down when she loses her temper. She is quick to apologize. She is quick to forgive. She is quick to move on and have fun.

She has the most insane memory.

She considers everyone she meets her best friend and would do anything for them. I worry her feelings will be hurt by children that don't understand that. That too many children will reject her because they are too shy or too reserved or too scared while she is loving everything about them the second they meet. I pray that she finds a friend just as open and loving as herself, who she can grow with.

She loves the grossest, yuckiest, nastiest bugs around and loves to read books about spiders and worms and other creepy crawlies and dig for them in the backyard, and make them homes and try to take care of them. I hate this, but I love it in her because once again, the kid has no fear.

She has my facial expressions, but has Dave's face (well, in girl form).

And like I've said before, she's been herself since the moment we met.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary, Dave!

The way we've spent each anniversary perfectly illustrates everything I love about our marriage:

1st - Hanging out in our bedroom at your parents house, eating pizza and breadsticks and watching movies, followed by eating our truly awful year old wedding cake. This, my pal, is how we roll and its never changed.

2nd - Pregnant Kristen, dinner and movie with my Mom, flowers delivered. Low key, way fun.

3rd - Um - Six Flags, dude. You, me, roller coasters and funnel cakes, all day long. We never need the fanciness, we just need to laugh.

4th - Pregnant Kristen, Hibachi, Sushi, hanging out in CVS for an hour reading magazines, bringing home lots of candy, staying up late eating said candy and reading magazines. Classic. Also, a new resolve to never eat a family sized bag of Twizzlers apiece.

5th - Cincos Baby!!! The pinnacle of anniversaries. One week, four factory tours, many small towns, Riverwalk breakfasts, my new favorite hotel (Hyatt Place!), a decision to call all future anniversaries their Spanish number name, at least five movies, tons of food, and all the time in the world for just the two of us. This trip has laid the foundation for how we plan to spend all future anniversaries.

6th - Seis-es, Baby! One day, one hotel stay away from the kids, lots of shopping and perusing, one bad movie, one great movie, cigars on the patio, great food, plenty of time for just us.

7th - Sietes, Baby! Can you even believe it?? This coming weekend we continue the tradition of the past two years and we get away, my friend. Tot will be with your parents, Little David will be with Mom and Tim, you and I will be in Waco tooling around here, watching this movie, eating great food (any one know of some great food in Waco??), and most importantly, spending lots of time just the two of us.

There is no one in the whole world that I would rather hang out with, no person I'd rather see a movie with, no one I'd rather do bills with, no one I'd rather go shopping with, eat with, or anything else. You're always my number one pick, pal :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Is Why I'm Not Being Productive.

This. Of course.

Is it any wonder all I want to do is sit around and browse Etsy??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have been feeling a little run down the past few days. No A/C, 90+ weather, almost 8 months pregnant, a sore back and pulled hip muscle are all leaving me with a little less energy than I've been accustomed to. However, that is no reason to lay around and complain and whine, so I'm back today with a thankful heart. Today, I am thankful for:

1. The wonderful, cool, rainy weather this morning. I feel like God is blessing me personally, because while our AC has been our we've had particularly nice weather, with only a handful of really unbearable days. Yesterday was one of them, but today the weather is breezy and cool and I'm very grateful.

2. The SUPER fun baseball game we went to yesterday. Dave's mom was chosen as Teacher of the Year and she got to go to a Texas Rangers game and be on the field and have her name read and everything. So we all loaded up to go see her and then see the following game, and of course got there two seconds after she walked off the field. But we still had a great time, had awesome seats, the kids had a ball, and it was Dollar Hot Dog night, so we ate our weight in hot dogs. Strong.

3. That even though my hip hurt so bad last night that I couldn't sleep in our bed, the couch was perfectly comfortable and I still got a decent night's rest.

4. The kids sleeping in. Our kids have incredible powers that enable them to wake up in the exact same 15 minute window every single morning. This window is 6:15 - 6:30 am. It doesn't matter what time they go to bed, if they napped, or anything. Every day it's the same time. But today, Tot slept in until 6:45 and Little David slept until 7:45!! It was AWESOME.

5. That I have learned my lesson regarding laundry, dishes, and general household maintenance. The past two weeks I've done a pretty rock star job (if I do say so myself) of running the dishes every night and never having a pile in the sink, doing a load of laundry from start to finish every day so nothing runs out, and picking up everything before bed so each day starts fresh. It's really been quite pleasant and peaceful and I loved it. Well, the last two days I slacked on laundry, and yesterday I slacked on dishes. So of course, last night both kids wet the bed and I had no extra sheets and this morning we had no bowls for cereal and we all ate out of tupperware containers. I will be remedying this today.

6. For my new maternity shorts. They aren't horrendous, they weren't expensive, and they are reasonably comfortable. Up until yesterday I had one pair of maternity shorts and they are horrendous, I've already worn then through two pregnancies, and they are unreasonably uncomfortable. I did not relish the thought of spending hours at a hot baseball game in jeans, so I went to target with the kids and bit the bullet and bought some shorts. Much to my surprise they aren't too bad and even better, the game wasn't hot at all. It was a two-fer.

7. For my chipper children, who are hilarious and fun even when I don't feel good.

8. For my fantastic husband, who tries to stay awake and help me when it's 1am and my hip hurts and I can't sleep, and am crying, and might be just a little hormonal.

That's what I'm thankful for :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a fantastic Mother's Day Weekend!

Here are the highlights:

Dave sent me a bouquet of GORGEOUS Peruvian Lilies (my favorite) on Thursday. It was a total shock, since he's not really a flower-sending kind of guy, and I LOVED it. On Sunday, Tot gave me her Mother's Day present - a Wonder Vase. She had seen the commerical on TV and thought that I really needed one, so she made me one :). It's shaped just like the one on TV and then she decorated it and cut out flowers and put them inside. I'll tell you what, this is one of those gifts I will be keeping forever.

On Sunday morning I was greeted with my little charmers, shouting Happy Mother's Day and my lovely Wonder Vase. They gave me lots of hugs and sang me a song and were generally adorable.

Oh, and did I mention breakfast? Yeah, Dave decided that he wanted to learn how to make Crepes, so for Mother's Day breakfast I got freshly made Crepes with Blackberry Compote and powdered sugar. Seriously. The man even did the dishes.

Oh, and here's another belly shot - 28 1/2 weeks :). I was assured that Baby Allison had a hand in all the Mother's Day festivities, but that she would tell me about it later.

And the second best part?? I haven't killed my garden!!! I was SURE that all my seeds had died but NO! I've got the cutest little plants growing and thriving and looking adorable. In fact, even the cucumbers are alive and I was sure they had died because their little stems got fractured. Regardless, they are growing and I'm geeked. I have noticed some little nibbles on some of the leaves, so I'm going to make a nice little spray to put on them to keep the nibblers away.

So there you have it, my Mother's Day. Got some flowers, got some hugs and kisses, got a Tot Made Wonder Vase, kept baking a baby, grew some veggies. Not too shabby!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Random Bullet List

  • Dave is a much better cook that I am. Much. Last night he made some sort of stuffed chicken breast concoction that included green and yellow peppers, tomato sauce and cheese and it was divine. I can bake like a fiend, but the man cooks circles around me every time.
  • I just signed Tot up for Pizza Hut's BookIt!! I loved BookIt when I was in school, and I mean seriously - what is better than reading and free pizza? They just started allowing homeschoolers to join last year (I think) and I'm super excited to get to do this with Tot. There are a lot of programs that are opening up to homeschoolers and I think it will make our experience all that more enjoyable.
  • I got my planner! I am in love with the weekly forms, the grocery lists, and the bazillion school forms that have made planning so much easier. I've also gotten a few printable lists from other websites that have made my current homekeeping routines the easiest I have ever kept. Also, I'm a bit of a list junkie, so this has been perfect for me: yearly scope and sequences, subject goals, unit studies - oh my!
  • I mentioned that the baby is totally coming early, right? Dude, as of tomorrow I have 10 weeks until I can start trying to get this party started. She may still come later than that (babies, after all, have their own time table), but I'll be starting all those home remedies the second I turn 38 weeks :)
  • Our dog is stinking adorable. She pees in the house when it rains, occasionally barfs up a toy, nips the kids when they get too rough, and sleeps on my feet every single night. Dave has taught her to sit, lay, shake hands and make him a sandwich when he's tired.
  • I'm reading a few fiction books for the first time in months. I've been hip deep in homeschool books and curriculum catalogs lately, and I'm just now coming up for air.
  • Dave and I are going to a homeschool curriculum fair on Saturday, getting a weekend away for our anniversary in three weeks, and having a TV date tonight. Strong.

Hmmm...that really was a pretty random list, eh?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Fetus Monday :)

I know, I know. I was all "Read my blog on Saturday, I'll totally post" and then I left you hanging. Such a cruel Unsinkable. I have no excuses except that I just got busy and forgot, which doesn't really count. Regardless, I'm here today with more fetal information than you ever knew you wanted :)

I'm back, baby! And actually updating you on my little Fetus ("Are you in there little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us? I will buy you some adidas!"). Here's the stats, yo.

Week: 27 (28 on Wednesday)

Weight Gain: 16 Pounds! I know! I've been trucking along and gaining weight at a rather rapid pace now, and while I'm still really at a normal weight gain, I won't lie, it made me nervous to gain 6 pounds in three weeks :) . So, I'm trying eat sensibly and not worry too much about it.

Aches & Pains: Friends, we are in the third trimester. There are all sorts of things going on here. I've got the Braxton Hicks contractions most days, pretty light though, and just like my other pregnancies. Some times they get heavy and it makes me nervous, but it's nothing a big glass of water and putting my feet up doesn't fix. And of course we've got ligament pain, back ache (it's nuts to think of how much weight I'm carrying just on the front of my body), and all those pelvic bones moving around. But again, it's the third trimester - it's how we roll.

Cravings: Sugar. Chocolate. And still, Mexican Food. Thankfully, I've been able to make things at home that satisfy the mexican food cravings and so we haven't needed to go out to eat all the time :) I've been making tortilla soup, soft tacos, taco bowls, etc. Also, anything spicy. Dave has been cooking a lot and he made the most insanely good spicy stir fry the other night. I'm not usually a huge lover of spicy foods (I eat them, they just aren't my absolute favorite) but MAN, I am loving the spice. And the chocolate. I find myself just eating a handful of chocolate chips when the need strikes. For a month or so, all I wanted was Java Chip Frappachinos from Starbucks and I was getting them almost every other day. That gets a little pricey, though, and so I'm cutting back :)

Totally Cool Developments: The biggest and best development is actually not a baby development at all. I had my appointment with my doctor and he said that I'm GOING EARLY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! If you didn't know, both of my other kids were early (Tot was 3 weeks - induced for preeclampsia, Little David was 2 weeks, naturally) and had super fast deliveries. I labored for 5 hours with Tot and pushed for 45 minutes(after being induced with pitocin, which normally slows labors down), and I woke up in labor with Little David and had him 10 minutes after I got to the hospital and pushed once. So, my Doctor said that if I didn't just go early on my own, he would be more comfortable inducing early so that we didn't run the risk of the baby just falling out while I was walking or something. Can you even imagine?

Other cool developments are the thumping and bumping this kid is doing. My Word - she is active. 10pm - 11pm seems to be her preferred time of day and she spends the hour making my stomach look like something out of a special effects studio. Dave has seen her and felt her a handful of times, but for the most part she is pretty shy and only lets me see. I imagine her in there doing some kind of interpretive dance using the umbilical cord like a flag. Good times.

Hmmm... what else? My energy level is pretty high, assuming that I eat protein regularly and get normal amounts of sleep. If I don't, then my body puts itself on a crash course and I literally drag myself around. Yesterday morning, Dave had to take the kids to church himself and I slept until 1 PM. I can not remember the last time I ever slept so late. But it was a culmination of eating junk, staying up way too late watching CSI reruns with Dave, and skipping vitamins. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and I'll be taking better care of myself, after all, I only have 12-ish weeks left - maybe even 10 weeks left!!! Woohoo!

Belly Shot: You guys got that last friday :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Unsinkable, Unsinkable, How Does Your Garden Grow?

After many years of plans and many years of just not getting to it, I have finally planted a small vegetable garden. I was inspired by my next door neighbors, one of whom has the most incredible garden I've ever seen live and the other who has just made their first garden this year; and my friend April, who made her garden this year and has been talking to me about it and making me jealous.

So the Chapman family all clamored outside this afternoon and did a lot of yard work. Dave got the chainsaw amd ax and cut up a lot of trees for firewood while the kids and I dug the garden and made a trip to the Home Depot for some starter plants (I am a little late in the season, after all) and got the seeds my Mom gave the kids a few weeks ago. We cut, we dug, we planted, we got really, really dirty and really, really tired. And wow, that was a comma splice if there ever was one. But anyways...

I didn't get the dishes done today, and I didn't fold that last load of laundry, but I did dig a small garden and plant it with the kids - that has to count for something :).

Here are some pictures of my little field of dreams:

We planted tomatoes, cucumbers (shut. up.), squash, carrots, watermelon, and a pretty climbing flower up the back.

This is my attempt at being fancy.

We're planning on running some wire around it to keep the dog (and children) away from the delicate little plants and I have dreams of adding cute little garden-y signs and knick knacks around it to make it cute. But first, I need to try not to kill everything. That really should be the priority.

And if you were wondering how my other little plants were growing, here are some pictures for you, too :)

My two little weeds

The little seedling and its goofy mom.

That's all folks! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Fetus Saturday Report. I've got good new people...good early news :)