Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Checklist

So, I went to the Doctor yesterday and got the all clear. No preterm labor here! In fact, I was cleared to resume living as normal and while Dave doesn't exactly agree (and has insisted that I still sit more than stand and drink lots of water and rest, rest, REST) I am feeling great about not being confined to small movements. I don't know how I would survive bedrest. Oh yes I do. I would DIE.

But maybe I'm being a little dramatic.

Anyways, all of the weekend excitement made Dave and I realize that it would probably be smart of us to get some of these baby preparations under way. We had a lot of basic stuff ready, but we still need some finishing touches. And so, in the grand tradition of posting all of my To Do Lists here - I give you:

Preparing For An Unsinkable Baby: Volume Three

1. Things I Absolutely Have To Do Before "B-Day"
Pack hospital bag (I'm mostly done with this :))
Get bassinet
Find those wiley nursing bras (Did they just get up and run away one day??)
Get another pack o' diapers and wipes
Get one preemie outfit (because I tend to make tiny babies and I would like one of them to have at least one outfit that fits)

2. Things I Would Really Prefer To Do Before "B-Day"
Get nursing pj's (And they're super cute!!)
Rearrange Master Bedroom for better nocturnal movement and bassinet positioning
Clean carpets
Get Haircut (and get a Pedicure :) )
Pack bags for the kids for when I go into labor

3. Things I Would Do If I Were Totally Awesome But Odds Are They Just Aren't Happening Before "B-Day"
Order all July birthday presents in June (We have so many family birthdays in July it's nuts.)
Paint Little David's room & hang his name letters
Make extra meals and freeze them for after baby
Deep clean the entire house - every nook, cranny and crevice so that no skanky germs touch my sweet little baby.

Sigh. That's the dream. But after two kids I've at least learned to prioritize and put things into perspective :). It's much more important that the baby has diapers than everyone get their birthday presents on time, so when I have a spare moment I'll be working from the top of this list on down. Which means that I probably won't have every nook and cranny cleaned by the time the baby is born, but maybe I can get a head start on it :)


LeeAnn said...

Where did you find nursing PJ's that you didn't have to order online?? I'm due in less than 2 weeks and would love to have some before baby comes!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I got them from Motherhood Maternity. For the record - I HATE that store (overcrowded, over priced, ridiculously hot for a store that caters to pregnant women, and PUSHY sales people) and I only go in there as a last result , but you are right, I couldn't find any nursing pj's anywhere else.

The plus side is that they had quite a few options (over 10 different sets) in a wide price range and I found just what I was looking for. So, while I hate going in there, sometimes it is worth the hassle.

ktquilts said...

Your Math friend from IN here!!! As far as making meals ahead for after the baby, just double some meals. It is not as much work as making an extra meal in a day!!!!! If I lived closer I would bring you a meal!