Monday, May 04, 2009

Fetus Monday :)

I know, I know. I was all "Read my blog on Saturday, I'll totally post" and then I left you hanging. Such a cruel Unsinkable. I have no excuses except that I just got busy and forgot, which doesn't really count. Regardless, I'm here today with more fetal information than you ever knew you wanted :)

I'm back, baby! And actually updating you on my little Fetus ("Are you in there little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us? I will buy you some adidas!"). Here's the stats, yo.

Week: 27 (28 on Wednesday)

Weight Gain: 16 Pounds! I know! I've been trucking along and gaining weight at a rather rapid pace now, and while I'm still really at a normal weight gain, I won't lie, it made me nervous to gain 6 pounds in three weeks :) . So, I'm trying eat sensibly and not worry too much about it.

Aches & Pains: Friends, we are in the third trimester. There are all sorts of things going on here. I've got the Braxton Hicks contractions most days, pretty light though, and just like my other pregnancies. Some times they get heavy and it makes me nervous, but it's nothing a big glass of water and putting my feet up doesn't fix. And of course we've got ligament pain, back ache (it's nuts to think of how much weight I'm carrying just on the front of my body), and all those pelvic bones moving around. But again, it's the third trimester - it's how we roll.

Cravings: Sugar. Chocolate. And still, Mexican Food. Thankfully, I've been able to make things at home that satisfy the mexican food cravings and so we haven't needed to go out to eat all the time :) I've been making tortilla soup, soft tacos, taco bowls, etc. Also, anything spicy. Dave has been cooking a lot and he made the most insanely good spicy stir fry the other night. I'm not usually a huge lover of spicy foods (I eat them, they just aren't my absolute favorite) but MAN, I am loving the spice. And the chocolate. I find myself just eating a handful of chocolate chips when the need strikes. For a month or so, all I wanted was Java Chip Frappachinos from Starbucks and I was getting them almost every other day. That gets a little pricey, though, and so I'm cutting back :)

Totally Cool Developments: The biggest and best development is actually not a baby development at all. I had my appointment with my doctor and he said that I'm GOING EARLY!!!! WOO HOO!!!! If you didn't know, both of my other kids were early (Tot was 3 weeks - induced for preeclampsia, Little David was 2 weeks, naturally) and had super fast deliveries. I labored for 5 hours with Tot and pushed for 45 minutes(after being induced with pitocin, which normally slows labors down), and I woke up in labor with Little David and had him 10 minutes after I got to the hospital and pushed once. So, my Doctor said that if I didn't just go early on my own, he would be more comfortable inducing early so that we didn't run the risk of the baby just falling out while I was walking or something. Can you even imagine?

Other cool developments are the thumping and bumping this kid is doing. My Word - she is active. 10pm - 11pm seems to be her preferred time of day and she spends the hour making my stomach look like something out of a special effects studio. Dave has seen her and felt her a handful of times, but for the most part she is pretty shy and only lets me see. I imagine her in there doing some kind of interpretive dance using the umbilical cord like a flag. Good times.

Hmmm... what else? My energy level is pretty high, assuming that I eat protein regularly and get normal amounts of sleep. If I don't, then my body puts itself on a crash course and I literally drag myself around. Yesterday morning, Dave had to take the kids to church himself and I slept until 1 PM. I can not remember the last time I ever slept so late. But it was a culmination of eating junk, staying up way too late watching CSI reruns with Dave, and skipping vitamins. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and I'll be taking better care of myself, after all, I only have 12-ish weeks left - maybe even 10 weeks left!!! Woohoo!

Belly Shot: You guys got that last friday :)

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Tiffany said...

Woohoo, indeed! Congratulations on some very fun and exciting developments!