Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy 7th Anniversary, Dave!

The way we've spent each anniversary perfectly illustrates everything I love about our marriage:

1st - Hanging out in our bedroom at your parents house, eating pizza and breadsticks and watching movies, followed by eating our truly awful year old wedding cake. This, my pal, is how we roll and its never changed.

2nd - Pregnant Kristen, dinner and movie with my Mom, flowers delivered. Low key, way fun.

3rd - Um - Six Flags, dude. You, me, roller coasters and funnel cakes, all day long. We never need the fanciness, we just need to laugh.

4th - Pregnant Kristen, Hibachi, Sushi, hanging out in CVS for an hour reading magazines, bringing home lots of candy, staying up late eating said candy and reading magazines. Classic. Also, a new resolve to never eat a family sized bag of Twizzlers apiece.

5th - Cincos Baby!!! The pinnacle of anniversaries. One week, four factory tours, many small towns, Riverwalk breakfasts, my new favorite hotel (Hyatt Place!), a decision to call all future anniversaries their Spanish number name, at least five movies, tons of food, and all the time in the world for just the two of us. This trip has laid the foundation for how we plan to spend all future anniversaries.

6th - Seis-es, Baby! One day, one hotel stay away from the kids, lots of shopping and perusing, one bad movie, one great movie, cigars on the patio, great food, plenty of time for just us.

7th - Sietes, Baby! Can you even believe it?? This coming weekend we continue the tradition of the past two years and we get away, my friend. Tot will be with your parents, Little David will be with Mom and Tim, you and I will be in Waco tooling around here, watching this movie, eating great food (any one know of some great food in Waco??), and most importantly, spending lots of time just the two of us.

There is no one in the whole world that I would rather hang out with, no person I'd rather see a movie with, no one I'd rather do bills with, no one I'd rather go shopping with, eat with, or anything else. You're always my number one pick, pal :)


Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!


Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! Star Trek is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kristen, I know of LOTS of good places to eat in Waco! Give me a call...or email After spending 4 years there I can give some good suggestions! :) Sic' em Bears! I heart Waco!


The Rhodes' said...

waco greatness...hit up La Fiesta for Mexican and Katie's frozen custard for dessert. Diamondbacks is also good. Bush's Fried chicken is good for a fast, greasy meal ;)

Becky said...

you forgot to mention...for the 7th...also pregnant kristen.