Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Love My Tot


She eats tons and tons of vegetables. She loves nothing better than to dig into a salad (and then take second and third helpings) and tells me that she needs a "healthy snack".

She lives her life in song. There is nothing she does that isn't accompanied by her own musical score and rather insightful lyrics.

She shares. She gives her brother anything and everything and shares with him even her most favorite toys.

She is funny. Dave and I have never laughed more than with our Tot.

She tries to calm herself down when she loses her temper. She is quick to apologize. She is quick to forgive. She is quick to move on and have fun.

She has the most insane memory.

She considers everyone she meets her best friend and would do anything for them. I worry her feelings will be hurt by children that don't understand that. That too many children will reject her because they are too shy or too reserved or too scared while she is loving everything about them the second they meet. I pray that she finds a friend just as open and loving as herself, who she can grow with.

She loves the grossest, yuckiest, nastiest bugs around and loves to read books about spiders and worms and other creepy crawlies and dig for them in the backyard, and make them homes and try to take care of them. I hate this, but I love it in her because once again, the kid has no fear.

She has my facial expressions, but has Dave's face (well, in girl form).

And like I've said before, she's been herself since the moment we met.


Cynthia said...

Yes, I would have to agree with you. She's my Tot and I think she a "sharp little cookie." (I think she said that about herself - no conceit there - just statement of fact.) LOL.

Tiffany said...

I think you should include a "Tot Lyrics" tribute one day. I'm pretty sure some of her stuff could become as regular a part of the college cover band repetoire as "Come on Eileen." Seriously.

Sarah said...

Some of my fave blogposts are Totspeak posts. That child is a riot.

Daisha said...

Well, now I love Tot too. :)

LBC said...

She is a pretty great Tot!