Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Felt Like A Survey Kind Of Day

I'm really not operating at the highest of levels today, so I thought a survey was in order.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
  1. Having. This. Baby. (when she's a little more baked, of course)
  2. Going to Lake Tyler this weekend!!!
  3. Seeing friends from out of town over the next few months.
  4. Wearing pants with no elastic.
  5. My friend Cheryl having her baby!!!
  6. Getting my hair cut in the next few weeks (it's going short, baby).
  7. Going to the doctor in a few hours and hammering out this "rest" thing. (Please, no full bed rest. Please, no full bed rest.)
  8. I mentioned having the baby, right?

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Had some contractions.
  2. Laid on the couch.
  3. Had more contractions.
  4. Took a hot bath and stopped the contractions.
  5. Ate a sandwich.
  6. Laid on the couch.
  7. Had some contractions.
  8. Drank tea, stopped the contractions, went to Target, had some contractions, fell asleep stopped the contractions.
What an exhilarating day :)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Heal my Troll Foot.
  2. Stop these contractions without medication (That's the dream, people!).
  3. Pay off our last bit of debt super fast and go and get Dave his motorcycle :)
  4. Play piano.
  5. Drink this HUGE bottle of water just a little faster so I can feel better about the DDP I'll be drinking later.
  6. Pull off a pixie cut.
  7. Find a cute pair of nursing pajamas somewhere other than Motherhood Maternity because I really don't want to go to the mall (and I'm pretty sure Dave won't let me anyways) and I really don't want to pay shipping to buy any online.
  8. Find my nursing bras. I seem to have lost them since I stopped nursing Little David and I'm sure I just stuck them in one of my clothing storage buckets but I also wouldn't put it past me to have burned them immediately after weaning.

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Biggest Loser (although, if it doesn't quit being so drama-y I'm not watching it anymore).
  2. The Mentalist
  3. The Office (Don't kill me, but I may be over this show.)
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Chopped
  7. Dirty Jobs
  8. Super Why & Between The Lions :)


A Fancher said...

I love Super Why and Between the Lions. But, I think Sid the Science Kid is my fave. Curious Gearge is good too.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I LOVE Sid the Science Kid. I always tell the kids that's my favorite, don't know why I didn't list it...