Friday, May 01, 2009

Unsinkable, Unsinkable, How Does Your Garden Grow?

After many years of plans and many years of just not getting to it, I have finally planted a small vegetable garden. I was inspired by my next door neighbors, one of whom has the most incredible garden I've ever seen live and the other who has just made their first garden this year; and my friend April, who made her garden this year and has been talking to me about it and making me jealous.

So the Chapman family all clamored outside this afternoon and did a lot of yard work. Dave got the chainsaw amd ax and cut up a lot of trees for firewood while the kids and I dug the garden and made a trip to the Home Depot for some starter plants (I am a little late in the season, after all) and got the seeds my Mom gave the kids a few weeks ago. We cut, we dug, we planted, we got really, really dirty and really, really tired. And wow, that was a comma splice if there ever was one. But anyways...

I didn't get the dishes done today, and I didn't fold that last load of laundry, but I did dig a small garden and plant it with the kids - that has to count for something :).

Here are some pictures of my little field of dreams:

We planted tomatoes, cucumbers (shut. up.), squash, carrots, watermelon, and a pretty climbing flower up the back.

This is my attempt at being fancy.

We're planning on running some wire around it to keep the dog (and children) away from the delicate little plants and I have dreams of adding cute little garden-y signs and knick knacks around it to make it cute. But first, I need to try not to kill everything. That really should be the priority.

And if you were wondering how my other little plants were growing, here are some pictures for you, too :)

My two little weeds

The little seedling and its goofy mom.

That's all folks! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Fetus Saturday Report. I've got good new people...good early news :)


Beth said...

Try planting some sunflowers on that fence line. They are sooooo easy, little to no maitence, and they grow so big and pretty and are just the most friendliest looking flowers.

Tiffany said...

Dangit, you beat me to the cucumber punch.

Tiffany said...

('Cucumber punch' sounds like a really gross drink served at a vegan wedding. I should rephrase that...)

Anyway, have fun with your little patch o' dirt!

Kristen said...

Cheese belize... even we have our first vegetable gardens in common =)