Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, That Was Interesting.

So, last night I went to the hospital for preterm labor. Seriously.

After a rockin' Sietes, Baby! trip (which I will blog about tomorrow - promise), Dave and I picked Little David up in College Station (about three hours away) where he had spent the weekend with Mom and Tim, and started to make our way home. While driving, I started to have contractions every 10 minutes. They were pretty light and I wasn't too concerned about it - mostly because I am nearing the end of this and your body starts to prepare for labor much sooner than you realize and usually it's no big deal. So, we're driving and I'm contracting and I'm all "No worries, Dave. No big deal." Dave wasn't convinced that it was no big deal, but on the whole he takes my pregnant health a lot more serious than I do, and I assured him - no worries, I just need to rest when we get home. And then they start coming every seven minutes, then every five, then every three.

By the time we got home (after multiple bathroom stops, and I mean multiple) I was actually starting to feel uncomfortable and have a dull backache. No bueno. I was still sure that all I needed to do was rest and it was no big deal, though. Dave's awesome parents brought Tot to us instead of us having to pick her up, and upon walking through our front door I promptly laid down on the couch, put up my feet and drank about a gallon of water. After another hour, the contractions were coming every 1 to 2 minutes and were starting to hurt. Really no bueno. I went back and forth on whether or not to do anything like call the doctor, but when they started to get pretty painful Dave insisted that I call the Doctor and so I did. The on-call Doctor told me to get to the hospital right away. Well, fine.

So, we loaded the poor kids back into the car and drove to the hospital where again, Dave's awesome parents took the kids for us and got them dinner and took them to our house (and also fixed the air conditioner again, for which I am eternally grateful). Dave and I sat in the hospital where they monitored me for awhile and concluded that, yes, I was having regular and real contractions every 2 minutes and we needed to STOP this party. Baby Girl is NOT finished baking. Luckily, I hadn't started to dilate much and while my cervix was thinning some, (what? Is that too much information?) so we weren't in an immediate problem zone. We were actually pretty lucky, because had I had my way and just stayed home and pushed through it, I may have started dilating and this could have been more serious.

After a few hours and a test or two, they ended up giving me three shots and a pill of terbutaline, a labor stopping drug, and thankfully the contractions pretty much petered out and eventually stopped. It did have the delightful side effect, though, of making me horribly jittery and almost unable to stand on my own. I'm not the most graceful of people under regular circumstances, so I'm pretty sure I looked like the equivalent of a drunk toddler. Thankfully, Dave kept the snickering to a minimum (or he was just silently terrified I would drop the baby at any moment - also possible) and helped me back into the car and on home under the instructions from the doctor that I was supposed to REST, not do anything that could start contractions again, and to come in right away if they starting coming regularly. So, not formal bedrest, but not a clean bill of health either. Fabulous.

Once home, I hopped in bed, cried (it had been a long night), and drank another gallon of water.

**Sidenote** I was informed by the on-call doctor and nursing staff that my pee sample was "a beautiful thing, almost like a god of pee". Not even joking. Apparently, pregnant women come in there all the time complaining of cramps and then come out of the bathroom with a pee sample that looks like tea, demonstrating their dehydration, thus explaining the cramps. They made such a big deal out of my see-through pee that Dave and I thought they were going to save it and put it on display to teach all other pregnant women a lesson. I have literally never seen grown adults so pleased with pee. ***End Sidenote***

Anyways, Dave's parents left while I was still crying and drinking (doesn't that sound great?) and when I got out of the bedroom, the kids were sleeping and Dave was getting ready to order pizza. Perfect. So, I spent the rest of the night on the couch eating pizza, drinking tons of water, and talking with Dave about exactly what kind of resting I am supposed to be doing here. Obviously, Dave prefers to err on the side of caution (he is NOT a fan of medical issues and would probably wrap me in gauze and carry my in his pocket at this point), and I want this kid to stay put, so we settled on today being a couch day (where I don't leave the couch except to shower and make some of that displayable pee), the rest of this week being a modified couch week (where I spend most of the time on the couch, but get up as necessary) and if I have no more contractions then we'll start adding regular activity in.

I plan on spending the rest of today on the couch, per Dave's orders, and resting. I also plan on totally revising my "Do Before Baby" list and making a shorter list including only the necessary things and not the "I wish" things, like getting Little David's room painted. I still need to pack my hospital bag (which sounds ridiculous to do so early, but whatever), get the baby's car seat down from the attic, and get a little bassinet for the baby to sleep in in our room (our old on got peed on by our old dog, Bear, and let me tell you, you can NOT get a gallon of dog pee out of a pack n play). Hopefully, we can get that stuff done this week and proceed to not worrying about this baby arriving for another 7 1/2 more weeks.

So, that was my Sunday - how was yours?


Sarah said...

Geeez, UK, glad you and Baby A are doing better. Listen to your doctor and hubby! REST!

Oh, and congrats on your awesome pee.

April Spicer said...

Holy cow K! I'm super dee duper (sorry, Barney) glad you are ok!! I can't believe that happened. That is a new one for you. I'm so glad this happened AFTER Sietes and didn't ruin your vacation. However, I obviously am sorry it happened at all and I'm so glad you can have a nice day off today on Memorial Day. Tell Dave to take really good care of you (loved the gauze/pocket comment--hilarious) and I wish I could be there to help/spoil you. I really do! Dude, you better not be pulling any of this crap when I come to visit. :) I will pray for you and baby Allison to stay put and keep baking. Love and miss you tons!

Her Nana said...

Well, fast babies come from this side of the family - it's about time the doctors realize that. We women do know what we're talking about. I'm glad little Alli-gator can bake a little while longer - I'm excited about her making her entrance into this world but she really needs to go the distance.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad that Little Miss A decided to bake a little while longer! I guess she heard you when you said you wanted her to come early...;) I'm so glad it was post anniversary trip, because that would have flat out sucked.

I thought only parents of children in the middle of potty training could get that excited about pee. Granted, we usually don't want to see it anywhere but a toilet! Keep up the good water works!

Elizabeth said...


so glad that Baby Girl was able to stay put awhile longer and that family was able to help out! Rest up, and if an accident happens to a new pack n play, take it to the do it yourself car wash or use a pressure washer with tide -- it worked for me.

Here's hoping that the kids will allow you to make the most of your couch rest :)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! I can't believe you went through that! That is scary!
So thankful things are calming down for you.

judy said...

Third babies... very interesting. My wish for you is that YOUR third child is NOT born on the kitchen floor. Yes, it has been known to happen, so keep that pee enviable, and when the pains start go to the hospital.

love you, Judy