Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Baby Checklist: Updated And Revised For My Pregnant Brain

In all of my Preparations For An Unsinkable Baby, I keep forgetting to do little things. It must just be this time of pregnancy, but like I said yesterday, if I don't write it down I will NOT remember it. I've taken to using the Stickie application on my new-to-me Mac powerbook (that I will take pictures of when I finally get a camera) for any notes I need to leave myself, but that still doesn't prevent me from filling the coffee pot with water at night (but neglecting to put in any coffee) and placing the checkbook on top of the fridge (and then forgetting it's there and assuming that it's been lost/stolen and going around to get a money order to pay a bill) and looking down and not seeing any underpants and trying to put on a pair (only to realize that I do have underpants on, they are just hidden by my ginormous belly).

So, all the lists I'm posting here are actually not overkill at all, they are imminently practical and necessary. Which brings me to:

Preparations For An Unsinkable Baby: Volume Three (Revised and Updated)

Finish packing last bits of hospital bag
Pack my bag and bags for the kids into the car
Buy a nursing bra (never did find those wiley ones from last time)
Buy a nursing tank (for sleeping)
Order cloth diapers (Yep. We're doing it.)
Get remaining baby stuff down from the attic (swing, bouncy chair, car seat, etc.)
Wash all padding on baby stuff
Install car seat in mini-van
Buy a new copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (I have now owned at least three copies and I keep giving them away when I'm done!)
Buy new camera (sigh.)
Get a couple of small toys to give to the kids
Bows for the baby (you bet I'll be taping a bow to her head!)

Hmmm....I think that's actually it. I need to keep the house clean, keep the laundry up, and keep cooking extra stuff for the freezer, but other than that I think this is it. Wowzers, that is just not that much! In fact, most of this I'll have done in the next week and then it will just be a waiting game. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so stay tuned for the exciting news I expect to receive...

"Yep, you're still pregnant."

Monday, June 29, 2009

Season Of Routines

There are some times when having a routine is not feasible. There are times when you just need to fly by the seat of your pants and deal with what comes. For me, now is SO not one of those times.

Being mucho pregnant, I have found that I have a severe case of Baby Brain and if it's not spelled out in front of me I will (will.) forget it. That being said, Dave and I have been talking and thinking on routines that keep our house running smoothly and give me the least amount of room to totally forget to wash all of his underwear or plan dinner while I'm baking a person or taking care of a newly arrived one. Here are the things that work for us:

- One load of dishes
- One load of laundry
- One room good and clean


Monday - Sheets/Towels
Tuesday - Tot's Clothes
Wednesday - Our Whites
Thursday - Our Colors
Friday - Little David's Clothes
Saturday - Bulk Items (jeans, etc.)
Sunday - Off (For now, when the baby is born, I'll probably rework this and toss her stuff in here)


Monday - Kitchen
Tuesday - Living Room/Office
Wednesday - Kid's Rooms
Thursday - Kid's Bathroom
Friday - Master Bedroom
Saturday - Master Bathroom
Sunday - Off


Breakfasts - Cereal, Muffins, or Waffles
Lunches - Sandwiches, Fruit, Veggie
Dinners -
Monday - Chicken
Tuesday - Mexican
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Dave Cooks (!!)
Friday - Pizza (Homemade, Frozen, Order Out)
Saturday - Out
Sunday - Pasta

Some of these plans we've been doing for a while now (like my daily tasks, the laundry schedule and the cleaning schedule) and they have made the biggest difference. The one we are working on right now is the Dinner Plan. We've gotten into good routines with breakfast and with lunch, but I have still been stuck at dinner time. More often than not, I totally forget to plan anything and then realize that all of our meat is in the freezer and I end up ordering out. Not horrible, but it is a drain on the grocery budget. So, last night Dave and I talked and hammered out a good routine for our family which should provide us with good meals each night, and give me enough breathing room. I don't particularly enjoy cooking (I don't hate it or anything, I just infinitely prefer baking) and so coming up with something new all the time is not fun for me. Apparently, Dave doesn't even sort of care what food I serve him as long as there is a plan and I'm not scrambling around at the end of the day stressed out. So we came up with this and I'll let you know how it goes.

All of this to say, obviously, we are in a Season of Routines. With the coming of a third child, it's just not in my abilities to fly by the seat of my pants and do what is in front of me. If that were the case, I would always have clean countertops and we would never have clean laundry. So, slowly and steadily, we are crafting routines (NOT schedules) that fit our particular family in this particular season to make things run smoothly. Because at the end of the day, I like knowing that my dishes are done, there are no insurmountable laundry piles, dinner for the week is planned, and I can relax in a room that has been cleaned well at least once that week.

And we all know that if Mom is happy, the rest of the family follows along closely.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fetus Friday

Week: 35 - SQUEE!!

Weight Gain: As far as my last Doctors appointment says, I've gained 20 pounds, however, it may be a few pounds more because our scale broke and I've been hitting the Swiss Cake Rolls pretty hard this week.

Aches & Pains: So last time I updated (30 weeks) I was mentioning how I hadn't hit that wall of pregnancy exhaustion. Well, scratch that. I have totally hit that wall. For those of you that have been pregnant before, you know those last few weeks where you are sitting down (hopefully, because standing just makes this thought even worse) and you wonder how you are ever going to make it through one more day? And then you remember that you actually have to make it through at least FORTY more days just like it? The horror. I'm still enjoying lots about this time, but my aches/enjoyment scale has probably evened out a little more. My hips are loosening, I'm having trouble sleeping, my energy levels have definitely dropped, and my stomach feels like it weighs at least as much as the rest of my body. However, with all of that, I still know that this may (may.) be my last pregnancy and I don't want to waste it complaining about perfectly normal things.

On a separate note, I am still having regular contractions, although I've become better at calming them down. Hot baths, lots of water, and the occasional small glass of wine (we're talking twice here) help a ton to get them to stop. Just laying on my side doesn't work, but laying down after doing one of the above does. The good part is that I haven't dilated at all, so these are just practice ones, even though they last for HOURS. I'm at the point where I'd like to not stop them anymore, but I know she needs to bake so I keep trying.

Cravings: Still nothing regularly, but I do have trouble letting go of an idea once it hits. Normally, I'm pretty wishy washy when it comes to food decisions and there is rarely anything that I just do not want or just have to have. Lately I have been much more decisive about my preferences, regardless of the circumstances. For instance, last night Dave offered to go get us something to eat and he said he was going to treat us to Pei Wei (a major favorite of ours). I told him to knock himself out, and then to pick me up a McDonalds nugget meal with fries and a DDP and extra sweet and sour sauce, please. He's all "Seriously?", not believing that I would ever choose McDonalds over the Wei, but there it was. He picked up his Beef Pad Tai with no scallions, got me my Nugget Meal, and we both chowed down with pleasure. So, not cravings necessarily, but definitely no backsliding on preferences.

Totally Cool Developments: Things have pretty much stayed the same on this front. Baby Girl moves like a beast all the time, and is constantly making her presence known. She is active, active, active and rolls all over the place. Speaking of which, at the moment she is still laying sideways (transverse lie) and needs to be moving to the head down position soon. The longer she stays sideways, the less likely it is that she'll be able to move on her own, and we would have to try to turn her manually (and by "we" I mean "the doctor") or have a c-section. Obviously, since I don't even like to take tylenol, abdominal surgery isn't high on my list of wants. So if you could join me in praying that this little one moves and grooves down to normal position that would be great :). I will say that the cool part of her being sideways is that she can stick her head out in weird places. When I pull up my shirt, sometimes Dave can actually see her head bulge out of my side and it totally creeps him out and I laugh. It's majorly uncomfortable, but hilarious.

Belly Shot: You will never guess what happened. My camera broke!! I know!! It broke the day of Little David's birthday party (thus, no pictures the last few weeks) and we figured out it would be unwordly expensive to fix, we could fix it ourselves but the part is backordered until September, and we're just going to have to get a new camera. So we're maneuvering our budget right now to buy a brand new camera (bitter.bitter.bitter.) but hopefully we'll get one we like just as much and we'll be getting one with a MUCH smaller LCD screen because apparently ones that cover almost the entire back of your camera break easily. Bitter Bitter Gumdrops. All that to say, you'll have to wait just a little longer for pictures of my belly, but they will come :).

So, there is your latest Fetus Friday! I'll be doing this every week from here on out because, well, now is the time when things start getting cool :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week, Tater.  Even though this pregnancy is winding down and the aches and pains are getting a little more noticeable and a little harder to brush off, we are in such a sweet season right now that I think I don't care.  Here is what I am ever so thankful for this week:

- The kids.  Just the kids as a whole.  My mom always told me that when your youngest child can go to the bathroom by themselves and buckle their own car seat that all of a sudden everything would feel so much easier.  And it's true!!  Little David gets more self sufficient every day, and Tot is already just so... big, that I feel like my day-to-day physical chores just keep getting easier.  I took them to the library yesterday and let them play some learning games on the computers there while I looked at grown-up books.  Yes, you read that right.  I was able to LEAVE MY KIDS for a few minutes without them going buck shot crazy and tearing the library apart.  I never thought the day would come where I would be able to go anywhere with the two of them and not have to have their hands in a death grip.  Our library is really small, so I could see them the whole time and they were just angels.  Made my mama heart swell.   

- My new pregnancy Boppy pillow.  The last few weeks sleeping has gotten more and more difficult, and in the last few days it became impossible.  So Dave told me to go ahead and buy this really ridiculously expensive pillow because we both knew I couldn't not sleep for much longer.  I went to Target, got the pillow, and my life will never be the same.  That thing is AWESOME.  It's a little on the soft side for my taste, but it makes the perfect complement to my other pillows (yes, other pillows) and it simply can't be beat for sitting on the couch.  It holds up my lower back so very well and I've noticed significantly less muscle/joint ache after two nights sleeping with it.

-  My David.   Could anyone ask for a better husband?  I am so thankful for the season we are in right now.  It feels like our marriage has been refreshed and like things are all new again.  We are laughing and joking all the time, even when we are frustrated and tired.  We are spending as much time together as we can and just soaking in these night time hours when it's just he and I after bed time and we can watch all of our favorite shows while snuggling in bed and eating ice cream and not having to worry about a sleeping/nursing/crying baby.  It's awesome and I love him and he gives me back rubs and sympathy when the baby tries to stick her head out of my side.

- My tomato plant!  I haven't killed it yet!  And it's even growing four (FOUR!) tomatoes right now!   And that is a lot of exclamation marks!

- My nursing nightgown.  I had planned on saving it to wear in the hospital with the baby and keeping it nice and new, but it's just so comfortable!  Seriously, it's awesome.  It's light pink, comes to the knees, and is so soft and cozy and doesn't get all tangled and doesn't make my belly feel confined, which is a miracle.  

- I am 35 weeks as of yesterday (Fetus Friday update coming tomorrow!) and I am SO READY to meet this little person!  I am thankful that I've made it so far and that we are both still healthy and happy.  Only a few more weeks friends, and I'll have my newest baby girl to be thankful for :)

Unsinkable Out.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Things I Will NOT Miss About Being Pregnant.

1.  Waking up at all hours of the night for no real reason.  

2.  Contractions for no real reason.

3.  Sweating like crazy from my higher than usual temperature.

4.  Wearing eight layers of clothing to support my ever expanding stomach and chest when all I really want to do is run around nekkid.  

5.  The mood swings.  Oh, the mood swings.

6.  Being ready to pass out from exhaustion every day at 2pm and needing to take a two hour nap, even if I would rather do something else.

7.  Finding cookie crumbs in my shelf tank top bra from my 2am snacks.

8.  Waking up a thousand times a night to pee.

9.  All of that pressure down in ladytown.  

10.  Feeling like I can't possibly wait any longer to meet this new person and snuggle her and chew her little fingers up like candy :)  

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pajama Day

Well, it's a pajama day folks.  But for once, it's not because I feel crummy and it's not because I feel overwhelmed.  It's because it's just a Good Day.  

We all woke up this morning feeling rested and in cheerful moods, our jammies comfy and our house livable. I feel the need to take this attitude and run with it because we've just been so tired lately.  Last week seemed to be spent in a whirlwind of VBS, errands, cleaning, visiting friends, friends visiting, and more errands.  Each day I needed to get out of the house for multiple hours of the day and I'm finding that I just don't like to do that much anymore.  And apparently, the kids don't either.   Upon returning from a friends house last week, Little David goes "Home!  I missed you!" and the next day as we returned from a trip to Target, Tot goes "Ahhhh.  Home Sweet Home.  I hate leaving home."   Words to warm my home making heart.

And so, today we're not leaving the house.  We're not leaving our jammies, and I'm not spending the day checking things off lists or creating new ones.  We'll watch a lot of tv, diddle around on the internet, play with toys, snuggle, play in the blow up pool outside, eat popsicles, play with the dog and generally just have fun and not do much productive.

The perfect Pajama Day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Things I'll Miss About Being Pregnant.

1.   It not being weird for me to wake up at 2am and eat three chocolate chip cookies, two slices of cheese, and a handful of grapes, drink a glass of milk, blog, and then go back to bed.

2.  Being able to rub and scratch this crazy cute little belly I have going on without it being rude and never having to suck in my stomach.

3.  My skin being clearer than it's been in months and my hair being thicker than normal.

4.  Feeling some one else have hiccups.

5.  People taking care of me and making sure that I don't over exert myself.

6.  Two hour long naps in afternoon being good judgement and not laziness.  

7.  Little David rubbing my belly and saying "Hewo Baby Awison, When you coming out now?" and Tot asking me to "snuggle the baby just for a minute".  

8.  Finally being as hot natured as the rest of my family and not freezing throughout the night.  

9.  Seeing my alien baby roll all around my stomach in waves and punches.

10.  The anticipation of meeting the newest member of our family and wondering what she could possibly look like and who she will act like and how things will be different.

And now it's time for another glass of milk and bedtime :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am ever so thankful for a loving, wonderful God. I'm in a pretty fantastic season right now, and frankly, that's why I haven't been blogging so much. I'm just enjoying life a lot and want to soak it all in while it's all happening at once.

The kids are doing great - they seem to be in some lovely little honeymoon phase where they are obeying better, having great attitudes, and being sweet as pie. I'm enjoying them so much. Little David is almost potty trained, and that is RAD. Tot is in one of the high parts of her cycle (she is in a constant behavior circle - she tests us day in and day out for a few weeks/months and then one day she decides we mean business and is a perfect angel for a few weeks/months, and then we start all over again - it's how she rolls) and I'm loving it. There is something so pleasant in looking at your children and realizing how much you are enjoying their very presence in your daily life, and not wishing they would go somewhere so you could get a break and not wishing they would be quieter or this or that. Just enjoying them where they are at.

Dave and I are doing AWESOME. After a rough, ROUGH, year of him traveling - 6 of those months being the hardest time we've ever had - we are back in business. There was never a time when I thought our marriage was struggling, and there was never a time when I thought that we weren't "good", but I hadn't realized just how tense we had become and how little fun we were having. We operate best when we spend large amounts of time together. And all that time apart really took it's toll on our pal-ness. I have never been more grateful to God than I am now that he took Dave out of that job and brought him back home. I am glad that we made it through, that we didn't grumble during it, and that we worked hard to keep our marriage and out attitudes good and thankful - but now I can see us thriving again and I'm LOVING it.

This pregnancy is coming to a close, and since I don't know if we are going to have any more kids, I'm trying to enjoy every kick and every roll and every sensation. I'm one of those people that truly enjoy pregnancy, even with all of it's trials. Yes, I get sick a little (more than a little this time). Yes, my joints ache and my muscles ache from the weight of the baby. Yes, I have the WORST stretch marks you could ever imagine (truly, they cover over three quarters of my stomach). But there is a person inside of me. And she is active, and healthy, and alive. And quite funny, if I do say so myself. She interacts with me from in me, and I will miss that so much when she's born. There will be new things then, great things, but for now - this part is wonderful and I only have roughly 5 weeks left to enjoy the feeling of someone else having hiccups. It's almost not enough time.

This is a little random, but I am also in a house-loving place. I am just LOVING my house. It's an older and smaller house - it's definitely not fancy. But it is home. Whenever I walk through the door, I feel happier and more peaceful than I was. There are places for everything, and (most) things are in their place. Our furniture is well-loved, well marked on, and crazy comfortable. I go through phases where I want to change everything about it - get new kitchen cabinets (the ones we have are original and 18 years old), take out the wood paneling, paint every room, get new tile in the kitchen and bathroom, replace the master bathtub, build on an extra room, etc. You know, big stuff. And then, there are phases like right now when I don't think that anything needs to be changed. Where I appreciate my cabinets for how long they've lasted and I am grateful that we don't have too much house for our little family. I'm looking out at our backyard right now and understanding that while it will never (ever.) win any awards from Home & Garden, it's the perfect size for us and the kids have more to explore than they ever could. I am thankful, thankful, thankful that God gave us this tiny oasis to live it. It's everything a home should be and fits our family just right.

So, that's why I'm not blogging so much. There is still plenty going on, there is still lots of stuff I have to say. I'm just a little busy soaking in the good times right now to pause. And when things take a turn for a rougher path, like they always do, I want to make sure that I fully appreciated when things were all going well for my little family.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Better Than Normal Family Pictures

Not that we usually take bad pictures or anything, but it's so very, very rare for me to get pictures of the kids actually looking at the camera! And for it to happen more than once? Totally blog worthy.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Already Three?

My scrawny little man at 6 months

My Great Big Three Year Old.

How is it even possible that three years have gone by???

Happy Birthday, Little David!
Mommy Loves You!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

In Which I Take A Break.

Sorry, Reader Friends, but I'll be stepping away from the blog this week.

It seems like the first of the month is as good a time as any to refresh a little and work on some other things and maybe disconnect a smidge. Enjoy some summer along with me and I'll be back next Monday with tales of popsicles, petting zoos, sunburns, rearranging rooms, and hopefully the birth of a friends baby :).

Until then!