Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Things I Will NOT Miss About Being Pregnant.

1.  Waking up at all hours of the night for no real reason.  

2.  Contractions for no real reason.

3.  Sweating like crazy from my higher than usual temperature.

4.  Wearing eight layers of clothing to support my ever expanding stomach and chest when all I really want to do is run around nekkid.  

5.  The mood swings.  Oh, the mood swings.

6.  Being ready to pass out from exhaustion every day at 2pm and needing to take a two hour nap, even if I would rather do something else.

7.  Finding cookie crumbs in my shelf tank top bra from my 2am snacks.

8.  Waking up a thousand times a night to pee.

9.  All of that pressure down in ladytown.  

10.  Feeling like I can't possibly wait any longer to meet this new person and snuggle her and chew her little fingers up like candy :)  


Diana said...

You mean, you DON'T like having a snack building up in your bra for a later time? Wha?? I can't wait to munch on those little fingers and toes, too!

Jennifer said...

"ladytown" - HAHAHAHAHA!! Don't think I've EVER heard it called that, but that is absolutely FABULOUS. I'll be using it from now on, no doubt.

Can't wait to meet your little Gator!