Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Things I'll Miss About Being Pregnant.

1.   It not being weird for me to wake up at 2am and eat three chocolate chip cookies, two slices of cheese, and a handful of grapes, drink a glass of milk, blog, and then go back to bed.

2.  Being able to rub and scratch this crazy cute little belly I have going on without it being rude and never having to suck in my stomach.

3.  My skin being clearer than it's been in months and my hair being thicker than normal.

4.  Feeling some one else have hiccups.

5.  People taking care of me and making sure that I don't over exert myself.

6.  Two hour long naps in afternoon being good judgement and not laziness.  

7.  Little David rubbing my belly and saying "Hewo Baby Awison, When you coming out now?" and Tot asking me to "snuggle the baby just for a minute".  

8.  Finally being as hot natured as the rest of my family and not freezing throughout the night.  

9.  Seeing my alien baby roll all around my stomach in waves and punches.

10.  The anticipation of meeting the newest member of our family and wondering what she could possibly look like and who she will act like and how things will be different.

And now it's time for another glass of milk and bedtime :)

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Tiffany said...

#6 is aaaawesome. Totally jealous. And I love that we're both insomnicas tonight.