Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Baby Checklist: Updated And Revised For My Pregnant Brain

In all of my Preparations For An Unsinkable Baby, I keep forgetting to do little things. It must just be this time of pregnancy, but like I said yesterday, if I don't write it down I will NOT remember it. I've taken to using the Stickie application on my new-to-me Mac powerbook (that I will take pictures of when I finally get a camera) for any notes I need to leave myself, but that still doesn't prevent me from filling the coffee pot with water at night (but neglecting to put in any coffee) and placing the checkbook on top of the fridge (and then forgetting it's there and assuming that it's been lost/stolen and going around to get a money order to pay a bill) and looking down and not seeing any underpants and trying to put on a pair (only to realize that I do have underpants on, they are just hidden by my ginormous belly).

So, all the lists I'm posting here are actually not overkill at all, they are imminently practical and necessary. Which brings me to:

Preparations For An Unsinkable Baby: Volume Three (Revised and Updated)

Finish packing last bits of hospital bag
Pack my bag and bags for the kids into the car
Buy a nursing bra (never did find those wiley ones from last time)
Buy a nursing tank (for sleeping)
Order cloth diapers (Yep. We're doing it.)
Get remaining baby stuff down from the attic (swing, bouncy chair, car seat, etc.)
Wash all padding on baby stuff
Install car seat in mini-van
Buy a new copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (I have now owned at least three copies and I keep giving them away when I'm done!)
Buy new camera (sigh.)
Get a couple of small toys to give to the kids
Bows for the baby (you bet I'll be taping a bow to her head!)

Hmmm....I think that's actually it. I need to keep the house clean, keep the laundry up, and keep cooking extra stuff for the freezer, but other than that I think this is it. Wowzers, that is just not that much! In fact, most of this I'll have done in the next week and then it will just be a waiting game. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so stay tuned for the exciting news I expect to receive...

"Yep, you're still pregnant."


Becky said...

did you know KY gel keeps those bows glued in very well? takes a dollup. be sure to get the tails of the bow in it. that's the winner. you can help it dry with the hair dryer on a cool setting. stays in until you wet it to get it out. it's that good.

A Fancher said...

What all are you doing for make ahead meals? I need ideas (for later and for now when I don't feel like doing anything but heating something up)

Anonymous said...

Well Kristen...I have the pregnancy forgetfulness happening already at 7 1/2 weeks. I am also 41 years old. What does that tell us? I'm too scared to think about what that really means!! ROFL


Tiffany said...

I was going to suggest a tiny dollop of toothpaste for those bows, which I've heard works wodners. But Becky's suggestion is FAR more interesting!

Anonymous said...

Duct Tape - nuff said - Pops

Our Learning Curve said...

I suggest the nursing tanks for ALL OF THE TIME!!!!! They aren't "perky" at all since they are more like a sports bra...but I enjoy the fact that my belly stays covered! haha