Friday, June 26, 2009

Fetus Friday

Week: 35 - SQUEE!!

Weight Gain: As far as my last Doctors appointment says, I've gained 20 pounds, however, it may be a few pounds more because our scale broke and I've been hitting the Swiss Cake Rolls pretty hard this week.

Aches & Pains: So last time I updated (30 weeks) I was mentioning how I hadn't hit that wall of pregnancy exhaustion. Well, scratch that. I have totally hit that wall. For those of you that have been pregnant before, you know those last few weeks where you are sitting down (hopefully, because standing just makes this thought even worse) and you wonder how you are ever going to make it through one more day? And then you remember that you actually have to make it through at least FORTY more days just like it? The horror. I'm still enjoying lots about this time, but my aches/enjoyment scale has probably evened out a little more. My hips are loosening, I'm having trouble sleeping, my energy levels have definitely dropped, and my stomach feels like it weighs at least as much as the rest of my body. However, with all of that, I still know that this may (may.) be my last pregnancy and I don't want to waste it complaining about perfectly normal things.

On a separate note, I am still having regular contractions, although I've become better at calming them down. Hot baths, lots of water, and the occasional small glass of wine (we're talking twice here) help a ton to get them to stop. Just laying on my side doesn't work, but laying down after doing one of the above does. The good part is that I haven't dilated at all, so these are just practice ones, even though they last for HOURS. I'm at the point where I'd like to not stop them anymore, but I know she needs to bake so I keep trying.

Cravings: Still nothing regularly, but I do have trouble letting go of an idea once it hits. Normally, I'm pretty wishy washy when it comes to food decisions and there is rarely anything that I just do not want or just have to have. Lately I have been much more decisive about my preferences, regardless of the circumstances. For instance, last night Dave offered to go get us something to eat and he said he was going to treat us to Pei Wei (a major favorite of ours). I told him to knock himself out, and then to pick me up a McDonalds nugget meal with fries and a DDP and extra sweet and sour sauce, please. He's all "Seriously?", not believing that I would ever choose McDonalds over the Wei, but there it was. He picked up his Beef Pad Tai with no scallions, got me my Nugget Meal, and we both chowed down with pleasure. So, not cravings necessarily, but definitely no backsliding on preferences.

Totally Cool Developments: Things have pretty much stayed the same on this front. Baby Girl moves like a beast all the time, and is constantly making her presence known. She is active, active, active and rolls all over the place. Speaking of which, at the moment she is still laying sideways (transverse lie) and needs to be moving to the head down position soon. The longer she stays sideways, the less likely it is that she'll be able to move on her own, and we would have to try to turn her manually (and by "we" I mean "the doctor") or have a c-section. Obviously, since I don't even like to take tylenol, abdominal surgery isn't high on my list of wants. So if you could join me in praying that this little one moves and grooves down to normal position that would be great :). I will say that the cool part of her being sideways is that she can stick her head out in weird places. When I pull up my shirt, sometimes Dave can actually see her head bulge out of my side and it totally creeps him out and I laugh. It's majorly uncomfortable, but hilarious.

Belly Shot: You will never guess what happened. My camera broke!! I know!! It broke the day of Little David's birthday party (thus, no pictures the last few weeks) and we figured out it would be unwordly expensive to fix, we could fix it ourselves but the part is backordered until September, and we're just going to have to get a new camera. So we're maneuvering our budget right now to buy a brand new camera (bitter.bitter.bitter.) but hopefully we'll get one we like just as much and we'll be getting one with a MUCH smaller LCD screen because apparently ones that cover almost the entire back of your camera break easily. Bitter Bitter Gumdrops. All that to say, you'll have to wait just a little longer for pictures of my belly, but they will come :).

So, there is your latest Fetus Friday! I'll be doing this every week from here on out because, well, now is the time when things start getting cool :)


Becky said...

i will DEFINITELY be praying that she turns on her own, like TODAY. cause i'll be honest, i'd rather have a c-section than to have the doc try to turn her. but hopefully since you have tiny babies it wouldn't be bad for you, especially since she is your third. i mean, can't she just walk out by now? lol!!

Beth said...

Yay for the update! Have you had any indegestion? I can't eat a thing without it liquifying into volcanic acid and working its way back up. There better be some serious hair on this kid because of all of this!
Hanging in there with you!!!!
*big belly hugs*

A Fancher said...

Ok, so I don't know how you feel about chiropractors, but there is a way they can adjust you (the Webster Technique) that will help your little one move to the head down position. It also makes childbirth a lot easier. (trust me I had 1 with no chiro help that was an awful birth and the other 3 went so smoothly it was unbelievable). They had to do the Webster with Emma and it was awesome.