Monday, June 22, 2009

Pajama Day

Well, it's a pajama day folks.  But for once, it's not because I feel crummy and it's not because I feel overwhelmed.  It's because it's just a Good Day.  

We all woke up this morning feeling rested and in cheerful moods, our jammies comfy and our house livable. I feel the need to take this attitude and run with it because we've just been so tired lately.  Last week seemed to be spent in a whirlwind of VBS, errands, cleaning, visiting friends, friends visiting, and more errands.  Each day I needed to get out of the house for multiple hours of the day and I'm finding that I just don't like to do that much anymore.  And apparently, the kids don't either.   Upon returning from a friends house last week, Little David goes "Home!  I missed you!" and the next day as we returned from a trip to Target, Tot goes "Ahhhh.  Home Sweet Home.  I hate leaving home."   Words to warm my home making heart.

And so, today we're not leaving the house.  We're not leaving our jammies, and I'm not spending the day checking things off lists or creating new ones.  We'll watch a lot of tv, diddle around on the internet, play with toys, snuggle, play in the blow up pool outside, eat popsicles, play with the dog and generally just have fun and not do much productive.

The perfect Pajama Day.

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