Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am ever so thankful for a loving, wonderful God. I'm in a pretty fantastic season right now, and frankly, that's why I haven't been blogging so much. I'm just enjoying life a lot and want to soak it all in while it's all happening at once.

The kids are doing great - they seem to be in some lovely little honeymoon phase where they are obeying better, having great attitudes, and being sweet as pie. I'm enjoying them so much. Little David is almost potty trained, and that is RAD. Tot is in one of the high parts of her cycle (she is in a constant behavior circle - she tests us day in and day out for a few weeks/months and then one day she decides we mean business and is a perfect angel for a few weeks/months, and then we start all over again - it's how she rolls) and I'm loving it. There is something so pleasant in looking at your children and realizing how much you are enjoying their very presence in your daily life, and not wishing they would go somewhere so you could get a break and not wishing they would be quieter or this or that. Just enjoying them where they are at.

Dave and I are doing AWESOME. After a rough, ROUGH, year of him traveling - 6 of those months being the hardest time we've ever had - we are back in business. There was never a time when I thought our marriage was struggling, and there was never a time when I thought that we weren't "good", but I hadn't realized just how tense we had become and how little fun we were having. We operate best when we spend large amounts of time together. And all that time apart really took it's toll on our pal-ness. I have never been more grateful to God than I am now that he took Dave out of that job and brought him back home. I am glad that we made it through, that we didn't grumble during it, and that we worked hard to keep our marriage and out attitudes good and thankful - but now I can see us thriving again and I'm LOVING it.

This pregnancy is coming to a close, and since I don't know if we are going to have any more kids, I'm trying to enjoy every kick and every roll and every sensation. I'm one of those people that truly enjoy pregnancy, even with all of it's trials. Yes, I get sick a little (more than a little this time). Yes, my joints ache and my muscles ache from the weight of the baby. Yes, I have the WORST stretch marks you could ever imagine (truly, they cover over three quarters of my stomach). But there is a person inside of me. And she is active, and healthy, and alive. And quite funny, if I do say so myself. She interacts with me from in me, and I will miss that so much when she's born. There will be new things then, great things, but for now - this part is wonderful and I only have roughly 5 weeks left to enjoy the feeling of someone else having hiccups. It's almost not enough time.

This is a little random, but I am also in a house-loving place. I am just LOVING my house. It's an older and smaller house - it's definitely not fancy. But it is home. Whenever I walk through the door, I feel happier and more peaceful than I was. There are places for everything, and (most) things are in their place. Our furniture is well-loved, well marked on, and crazy comfortable. I go through phases where I want to change everything about it - get new kitchen cabinets (the ones we have are original and 18 years old), take out the wood paneling, paint every room, get new tile in the kitchen and bathroom, replace the master bathtub, build on an extra room, etc. You know, big stuff. And then, there are phases like right now when I don't think that anything needs to be changed. Where I appreciate my cabinets for how long they've lasted and I am grateful that we don't have too much house for our little family. I'm looking out at our backyard right now and understanding that while it will never (ever.) win any awards from Home & Garden, it's the perfect size for us and the kids have more to explore than they ever could. I am thankful, thankful, thankful that God gave us this tiny oasis to live it. It's everything a home should be and fits our family just right.

So, that's why I'm not blogging so much. There is still plenty going on, there is still lots of stuff I have to say. I'm just a little busy soaking in the good times right now to pause. And when things take a turn for a rougher path, like they always do, I want to make sure that I fully appreciated when things were all going well for my little family.

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Jennifer said...

It's so refreshing to read about someone's pure thankfulness to the Lord for all He's given them. We're so blessed and forget it so often. Thanks for sharing - it softened my heart and perspective today. I'm so glad for you and your family, that you're in such a wonderful place. Soak in this great season. Can't wait to meet your sweet sweet baby!