Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They Say It's His Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday, Dave!!!!

I love you moochas smoochas and you are the best, most wonderful pal I could ever ask for!

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My David:

10. He takes over as "point man" for the kids when he gets home so I can have a few moments of rest.

9. He is ferociously cute. I mean, seriously, have you looked at the man?

8. He calls me, texts me, and emails me during the day just to tell me funny things that have happened. Translated: He's my best friend.

7. No one else would laugh at all the exact same things as I do, and point them out before I get a chance.

6. He humors me and takes me to random places like a mennonite farm to get homemade pastrami and handcrafted pottery. This is so not on his Things To Do list, but he goes and pretends it is because he loves me.

5. He has a great behind.

4. He rolls with the crazy I dole out pretty well. You can't ask for more than a man who understands when you're riding the hormonal waves of death and gives you a free pass.

3. I have never met a person more self-less and willing to help any person, at any time, in any way - even if they didn't ask. Dave not only goes the extra mile, he goes the extra marathon.

2. There is no one else who could ever be a more perfect friend to me in every way, shape and form. He is my perfect match and life would be boring and totally no fun without him. There is no one else on earth I would rather spend time with or talk with more than him and when it's just us hanging out doing nothing but watching The Mentalist and eating too much ice cream, my world is darn near perfect.

And the number one reason I Love My David?

1. No seriously, he's got a great behind.


Debra said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

So, Kristen, how is cloth diapering working for you? New baby girl is adorable! I know you are having fun! So sweet!

The park we went to is the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. You can google their website. It was fun and they have an indoor area with things on display as well as tons of hiking. Enjoy!

Deals Hunt said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

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