Monday, July 13, 2009

Tot Speak

Today, while I am actively using the restroom.

T: Hey Mom?
UK: Need some privacy, Tot.
T: But I have a question.
UK: When I'm done, Tot.
T: What happens when food goes down my mouth? I have an idea. I chew it and it goes down my throat and past my boobies and into my stomach and then my stomach digests it and it evaporates. Is that right?
UK: Can we continue this discussion at any other time?
T: Ugh. Fine. But am I right?
UK: Something like that.



elispeights said...

Did she watch Sid the Science kid this morning? it was about digestion.

Robin said...

What is this about boobies?! Peyton and Gavin have both had funny comments about boobies.
Peyton told Gavin to have his harness buckle from his car seat on his chest. Between your boobies is your chest. You need to have it their to be safe!

Gavin, "My ankles are getting bigger, my boobies are getting bigger too!"

I am praying for the baby to come quickly!