Thursday, July 16, 2009

UK Labor Watch: The Last Fetus Friday

Week: 38 WEEKS!!!

Weight Gain: 26 lbs. (See Cravings For More Details.)

Aches & Pains: Aches and Pains?? Why yes, I have been having some of those. I went to the Doctor yesterday to be checked and to schedule my induction. I had started to contract before the appointment, they got more intense as I waited, and then when he checked me I was almost 3 cm. Good news for Unsinkable! So, after talking with him we got me on the schedule
for Friday the 17 at 5 am - WOOT! I was TOTALLY stoked and excited. And of course, still contracting. I continued to contract more and more, getting to about 2 minutes apart and pretty intense. So I called Dave and had him come home and called the doctor. I wen
t back in to be checked and sho' nuff, I was now a 3 1/2. Not much, but something. He then sent me over to Labor and Delivery where I was instructed to walk around for an hour and drink a crap ton of water (my words, not his obviously). I did so, and continued to contract regularly and intensely. I was 85% sure our baby was coming! Well, after over two hou
rs of this, I progressed to 4cm and they said that since I was already coming on Friday for an induction that I should just go on home. Boo. And true to form, I got home and by the time I fell asleep the contractions had slowed WAAAYYY down. I got up this morning bright and early at 4am (who doesn't love pregnancy insomnia??) and by 6am the contractions started back up again. So, for the last 7 hours I have been contracting sporadically, pretty hard, but nothing to rush to the hospital for. After all, at 5 AM TOMORROW, I'll be getting this started anyways :)
Me, being monitored.

So, the aches and pains at this point are actually labor aches and pains, and I'll take those any day. Other than that, I'm still feeling pretty good. Tired, but good. And READY to see this person of mine!!

Cravings: Twix. Oh the twix. I know you'll find it hard to believe, but I have a soft spot in my heart (and on my butt) for all kinds of chocolate candy. Before the Twix Obsession, I was digging hardcore on ice cream. Every. Single. Night. Nom nom nom.
Then, it was Sweet Cake Rolls. And now, it's The Twix. Poor Dave is reduced to making 10pm runs to the gas station just to fill the void. The funny part is, is that I haven't voluntarily chosen a Twix bar in forever. I mean, I'll never turn one down, but they aren't my number one choice on a normal basis. Whooo Daddy they are now! I can't go anywhere without picking one up, and I have one right before I go to bed (maybe the reason for the insomnia??). I won't lie, I'm looking forward to no longer having such strong candy cravings after the baby. I will always love me some chocolate, but this obsession has to end. Or my end will start looking like a Mack Truck.

Totally Cool Developments: I'M HAVING A BABY TOMORROW. Yep, that's the best development of all.

Belly Shot: So, this is it. The last belly shot! You'll have to forgive the weirdo face, Dave took this last night at 10pm ish, after the long day of contractions, and had he not remembered I never would have. He knew that I wanted one last shot, what a good guy! So, anyways, here I am - the most pregnant I have ever been, LOL :)

Stay tuned for details tomorrow!!

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Robin said...

soft spot in my heart (and butt)...oh you are the funniest ever! hahaha