Monday, August 17, 2009

How We're Doing

I'm sure the news media has been alerted, but it's been quite awhile since I've updated, hasn't it? I'm sorry to say that while I do love to blog and such, my time is a little occupado right now. This having three kids is way fun, but it certainly does take more time than two! And since I know it will probably be another week or so before I update again, I thought I would give you all a run down on how we're doing, complete with pictures. Because that's really why my family reads this - it's all about the pictures, friends.

And seriously, who could resist this picture?

1. The Transition From Two To Three:

So far, going from two to three kids has been SO much easier than going from one kid to two. I had a rather difficult time handling that transition and was very overwhelmed for most of the first six months. This time, it's SO MUCH EASIER. I don't know if it's the fact that I already have two kids or that they are older or that I am more confident in my abilities as a mom or that I just have abilities now, but everything is going so much smoother. I don't freak out when Allie cries because I know what to do. I don't worry over her sleeping, her eating, her breathing, because I know what is normal and what isn't. I have my own preferences for things and don't have to google every question I have. I know what has worked best for me in the past and know that it will likely work again, and if it doesn't, I know who to ask or where to look. Since I am still doing new parenting things with the first two kids, it's nice to go
back and revisit a parenting phase I am familiar with.

Having said all that, I am also completely surprised at how much busier I am. The first week the Gator was home, if I wasn't sitting down to nurse, or laying down to sleep, I was on my feet running around like a crazy person. It's marginally better now, but I am still amazed at how much work one more person adds. Going out to run errands with all three kids is getting easier, but still requires a lot of mental planning. I just have to make sure to start getting ready to leave about 30 minutes before we actually go anywhere (unless it's a super fast trip to get drive through lunch or something). I pack up the stuff we'll need, then I change Allie and start nursing her. While I nurse her, I direct the other kids to get their shoes on, the bathroom trips made, and to pick up whatever massive mess they've created. Then we load and go. It's not a exact science yet, but we're getting there. And have I mentioned how much I love the sling that my friend Diana got me??? Dude. It's made trips with all the kids a piece of cake. Allie is in the sling, Little David rides in the cart, and Tot walks beside me. Piece. Of. Cake. Well, it's a piece of cake until Little David starts crying because he wants to walk like a big boy and Tot starts grabbing everything she sees and putting it in the cart because she thinks Allie would like it. But whatever :)

2. The Gator - Stats and Such:

Our Allie-Gator at One Month
Posing with her actual Alligator from our friend Kyla :)

So far, it's looking like I have a very low key baby. That's not altogether surprising, since Tot and Little David were also low key babies (all of our craziness seems to bloom at about two years old). She doesn't cry unless she's dirty or hungry, and she loves to be held. She sleeps about as well as the other two did at this age - three to four hour stretches at a time and waking up to nurse or be changed. Allie's favorite place to sleep is in her swing or in our bed. I'm starting to try to get her to sleep in her crib for naps, but since she and Tot share a room and Tot likes to play in there, I'm kindof winging it.

In other news, this kid is now TEN POUNDS. Yeah, she eats. Tot always nursed well, but I didn't really know what I was doing. I knew what I was doing with Little David, but he never nursed well. This time, I know what I'm doing and Allie is a great nurser, so it's quite nice. She is porking right up and I couldn't be more pleased.

Other than that, she's about like any other one month old - she eats, she sleeps, she poops. And when she's not doing one of those things (or all three at once), she's staring off into space learning to focus her eyes and making funny grunting noises.

3. How The Older Kids Are Reacting To The Youngest:

Quite well! After one totally unexpected incident the first week where Tot really acted out and then collapsed in tears asking me if I loved Allie more than her (I thought Little David would have the hardest time, and was totally wrong) and where I explained to her of course not and that I loved all my children the exact same amount and nothing, not even a new baby, would change that - we've been totally fine. The kids really love Allie and don't seem to mind me spending lots of time tending her and nursing her. Little David is big on being a "Big Brudder" and making sure Allie is okay and Tot is relishing being the oldest and being my helper and Go To Girl. Dave and I have been making sure to take both Tot and Little David on "Solo" trips so that they get alone time with Mom or Dad. Dave has taken Tot to the tire shop and took Little David to help get donuts the past few Saturdays and I've taken them each to the library and such. All in all, they seem to be doing great. Check back with me
when Allie starts digging around in their toys.

4. Cloth Diapering:

LOVE. IT. No, really, it's the best decision we've made this time around. I adore not having to buy diapers ever (Little David is now totally potty trained and in underwear day and night) and if I see that we're running low, I just toss a load in the laundry. I love how she looks in them, and we have only had one leak this entire time - and it wasn't even a poopy leak. The extra laundry isn't a big deal and I like knowing that she is surrounded in soft cotton and not chemicals. Especially if I'm a little late changing a wet diaper, then I know that she won't have those gooey crystally things all over her nether regions. Just pee and cotton :). Also, I'm trying to find a diaper cover that has an alligator on it - anyone?

So, that's how we're rolling right now :)


A Fancher said...

Go to
The store at the bottom bunnyfeet boutique makes one size diaper covers. I think she may do some customs. You could tell her you need one with a cute alligator print and she can probably make it for you.

Glad everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

Seriously she is beautiful!! Brings tears to my eyes beautiful.

and yay me for making the Blog!!

Pretty much made my Monday.

A Fancher said...

Ok, she has a website with all of her fabric selections. I saw a couple of zoo prints with alligators and some other animals, but she may be able to find something with just alligators. The chocolate mint zoo was really cute though.

Tim said...

I happened to have purchased a fancy, smancy sewing machine for your mama, that will make alligators and she has skills baby, I'm talking major skills. If she doesn't make her grandbaby an alligator diaper cover, then I will have to question her affections for her newest grandbaby and wonder if she doesn't love them all equally.

Tiffany said...

Dude. Tim just threw down the gauntlet!

You all mke the cutest babies in the world -- she is just so precious, I want to gobble her up. Cute, cute, cute!!!

WV: "Womat" -- a wombat who is allergic to bees

Nicole said...

Sooooo precious!!! I was curious how the cloth diapering was going, since I'm considering that option whenever we get around to having a second.

I am so jeolous that Little David can go through the night. We are still in the land of pull-ups for naps and night.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Nikki - Little David was SO much easier to potty train than Tot. It took her until she was a little past four (seriously) to be full time trained, Little David basically trained himself in two weeks. We told him we would buy him a Bat Cave thing at Target if he didn't have any accidents for a week straight and he just up and did it. We were still in pull ups full time at that point. Nothing like that ever worked for Tot, so I'm just thanking my lucky stars and praying it goes as well with Allie - but I'm not holding my breath.

Tiffany said...

As long as Tot is out of the bread-peeing phase by the time Allie starts the process, so she can't pick up pointers! (Sorry -- you know how hysterical I think that story is...)