Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Plight Of The Gator

T: Look Mom, Isn't Allie fancy??

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Oh what a beautiful morning! It's SOOO chilly out right now (59!) and I am loving. it. It's going to warm back up over the next few days, but right now is so perfect I can barely stand it. Here is what I'm thankful for on this glorious, cloudy, chilly morning:

1. I am totally cheating on my No White Sugar thing for the first time. Yep, I put creamer in my coffee this morning. Totally worth it. I'm going to go to Sprouts later and get some Coconut Milk creamer, but for now, I'm sucking in the white sugar with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

2. Allie slept through the night!!!! I KNOW! This is the second time she's done it and I can't believe my good fortune. The amusing thing, is that she sleeps in her swing the whole time. It's the only place she'll sleep besides our bed, and I find it so very funny. At some point, I'm going to have to get her to sleep in her own crib, but I'm just not caring about that right now.

3. I'm wearing my Cold Weather Robe. Ahhh....red fleece and worn to the nub.

4. We had the most lovely family night last night. Dave and I took the kids to a "Fresh Mex" restaurant near us and sat on the patio with them. The food was good (but was more along the greasy side than fresh, but whatev) and the weather was gorgeous. We got to watch the sunset, and for being in the middle of town the place had a great view. Then we took the kids to our park around the lake, and walked a mile. They kept running ahead of us and then running back, so I think they probably ran two miles. And then everyone slept late. Perfection.

5. As of this morning, I am only 7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight! Hurray! This Green Smoothie Extravaganza really did jump start my weight loss again. I had stalled, stalled, stalled, and it's nice to see those numbers moving again.

6. Next week is my favorite consignment sale for the kids, and I am pretty excited to see what goodies I will find them. I have been very spoiled each year to find the kids BabyGap jeans for under $7, and I am praying to find them again. My kids have no butts, straight hips, and a little tummy (quite like their mom, actually) and the only jeans that don't fall down on them and show their little buns are BabyGap jeans. Buying them at the store, they run over $25 a pair. Um, no. Not ever going to pay that much for children's clothes, no matter how great they are. So, I'll dig through those racks until I hit the jackpot :).

7. Not this weekend, but next, my Mom and Tim are watching the older kids for the WHOLE weekend. Have I mentioned how they are the best?? The kids are dying to see them both and Dave and I so happy to have a weekend to ourselves. I find it highly funny that we consider having only Allie with us "by ourselves".

8. That school is going quite well, if quite irregularly. We're trying to find a good rhythm right now, and it seems that not pushing Tot to do school at the same time each day, or in the same way each day, she's staying more excited.

So, that's what I'm thankful for. It's a good day, people. Good Day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tot Speak

Tot comes in while I'm playing with Allie

UK: Hey Tot
T: She. Is. So. ADORABLE.
UK: I know, she is, isn't she?
T: I could just eat her up like a baby burrito.

While watching the kids chase each other around with bits of string

T: How do you catch a Longhorn?
UK: What do you want to catch it for?
T: To kill it.
UK: Why would you want to kill a Longhorn??
T: For sleeping bags.
UK: Huh?
T: (Sighs Loudly) There aren't any beds on the ranch.
UK: Oh.
T: How would you distract a Longhorn?
UK: You need to play something else.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Tot Turns 5: A Party In Pictures

Yes, you read that right. My Tot turned FIVE last week.

For those of you who don't know me well, I HATE planning parties. Especially important ones like birthdays and showers. They make me nervous, stressed, and anxious and I always feel like I mess them up somehow. My worst fear is planning a party for one of my children or Dave and them having a terrible time and feeling like I let them down. Yes, I have validation issues. So, every year when birthdays roll around, I mentally twirl and spin trying to think of something fun for them that is nice and simple, isn't over the top and expensive, and something that I will actually get to enjoy with them, instead of totally stressing the whole time. I really am ridiculous when it comes to this.

I was especially nervous this year because Tot was turning Five. And Five is a Big Deal. But through powers not of my own, I hit the jackpot. I decided to take all the girls in the family to the American Girl Doll store for lunch. Tot loves the dolls, Laura Beth loves the dolls, Neina (Dave's mom) loves the dolls, and my Mom and I now love them because Tot loves them. Allie doesn't really see what the fuss is about. But whatev. This way, I'm not cooking, decorating, cleaning, wrapping presents, nothing. We have lunch there, Tot picks out her presents there, I get to have fun watching her do it all. Rock. Star.

So, this past Saturday all the girls visited the American Girl Doll store in Dallas for the first time. And can I just say that that store is little girl heaven?? And frankly, adults aren't immune to it, either. That place was adorable! Everything is geared right to little girls Tot's age, and it is so much fun. There are dolls everywhere, matching clothes for the girls, a doll hair salon (and hospital for those well-loved dolls), a Bistro to have fancy meals at, and little accessories laid everywhere for you to try before you buy. And it is PINK. Wow, it's pink. Tot was in Little Girl Heaven.

Our first stop was the bathroom (of course), where we found little hooks to hang your dolls while you went. Hilarious. The sinks were all little girl height, and the door handles as well. Everything was perfectly sized. We looked around at all the dolls until we were called to our table, and then the fun began.

We all took our seats, including Tot's dolls Sally and Betsy. They have little doll seats that clip to the table so that your dolls are included in your meal time. Each doll also gets her own menu and place setting. It's all quite fancy, I assure you.

Sitting down for lunch with her dolls, Sally & Betsy.
Sally & Tot ordered Tic Tac Toe Pizza. Betsy ordered Mac & Cheese.
But first, Tot ordered her drink:

Waitress: And what would you like to drink today, Taylor?
(she glances at me, because she has never ordered for herself before)
T: A Milkshake, please.
(she glances again to see if I'm going to let her order dessert before lunch - I smile)
Waitress: What kind of milkshake?
(she glances one last time, like she can't believe she's getting away wi
th this)
T: Hmm...A Strawberry one.
Waitress: Would you like anything else to drink? Water? Pink Lemonade?
T: Nope. Just a milkshake.
(a big grin)
She loved it.

For the meal itself, I was pretty impressed. We all got to pick out an appetizer (and they were tasty!) and an entree. There were plenty of choices for kids of all eating levels, picky and non picky, and everything was good enough for adults to enjoy as well. Tot loved her pizza (and so did the rest of us, who all traded bites with her to try it) and even completely finished her appetizer - she chose veggies and dip over bread and cheese which totally shocked me.

After our meal (and accompanying Pink Lemonade for the grown ups), we all ordered dessert. YUMMO. Let me tell you, even though the store is for girls, that cheesecake won over my grown up heart.

A Banana Split topped off Tot's meal, with singing from the waitresses.

They gave her a "It's My Birthday" sticker, and after that, while we picked out birthday presents, every one of the workers we passed stopped to wish her a happy birthday. We all took turns letting her pick out which doll outfit she wanted, and she even scored an oven from Nana and a highchair from MeMe.

She knows that not every birthday party will be as fancy as this one, but turning Five is a Big Deal. And let me tell you, this child was stoked. She just kept saying "This is the best birthday EVER. You are the best mommy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD" over and over.

So, it turned out better than I could have hoped, and I think that she has cured my phobia of party planning. It turns out, anything you do for your kids they pretty much love just because you tried. It also helps if there are dolls involved.

So, Happy 5th Birthday, my tiny Tot. I sure do love you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Green Smoothie Extravaganza!

I'm sure that doesn't sound near as appealing as last week's Fall Extravaganza, but there it is.

My little Alli-Gator is now two months old, and physically I'm feeling mostly back to normal. I've got loads of energy (thank you Super Mom Vitamins!!), nursing is going well, and I have most of the baby weight off. Most, but not all.

There sits, on my stomach and hips and boobs, nine pounds of stubborn baby weight. It will. not. budge. I've been trying to eat well, indulging in only the occasional whole batch of cookies, and doing yoga twice a week (except for this week), and trying to sleep enough (well, as much as you can with a new-ish baby). Hmmmm.... so there is a little room for improvement. And let's face it, at this point my body has been through more changes in a five year period than Terrel Owens has been through NFL teams. I've gone from pregnant to recovering to overweight to decent weight to pregnant to recovering, "et cetera et cetera et cetera". It's unreasonable to expect miracles, especially when I'm not going to go to a gym and I'm not going to devote hours to cooking. And that is where this Extravaganza comes in!

I have followed the author of Happy Foody for a few years now, her name is Sara and she has the most rockin' dreads and I love reading her blogs. She is a proponent of raw, vegan eating and I view reading her blog to be not unlike driving in a really interesting neighborhood at dark, and peeking through the undrawn curtains. I'm probably never going to eat all vegan (LOVE me some cheese) and I'll probably never eat a wholly raw diet (LOVE me some cooked anything), but there is a whole different way of eating/living out there and I find it mighty interesting to peek at. She doesn't make it look weird, gross, or inconvenient - just yummy. And she's a Christian, so it's nice to read her writing from that perspective. Also, I envy her dreads like you wouldn't believe. Someday I will be brave enough to dread my hair. They are just. so. cute. I think I'll grow my hair out really long, dread it, leave it for awhile, and then chop it all off in that pixie cut I've also been envying. My word. Nose piercing. Cloth diapering. Homeschooling. Dreads. Green Smoothies. If I start smelling like patchouli someone really needs to pull me aside.

Anyways, whilst I was blogstalking, I came across Sara's Happy Foody 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and my reader-friends, it spoke to me. This is a challenge about ridding your body of yucky things, not forcing your body to be something it isn't. It's about changing your habits so you want to eat more whole and natural foods, not pushing yourself to see how perfect you can be.

And so, I'm hopping on the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Sara's group challenge just ended this last week, but I'm starting it today. You can get more information from her website, Happy Foody, but here is the gist of what I'm doing, and what you are more than welcome to join me in:
  • Drink at least 16 oz. of green smoothie per day (a quart would be even better!)
  • Do some sort of activity every day. This could be an intense workout, or just dancing with your kids around the living room. It could be a 15 minute yoga session or a walk around the block.
  • Add a green leafy salad to your lunch or supper (with light dressing…stay away from the creamier sauces).
  • Stop drinking pop. (UK: Sweet Mother - this means no DDP - eek!)
  • Cut out all white sugar.
I know! It's a little insane, isn't it?? But, I'm already drinking at least 16oz of green smoothie a day, so really it's only the last four things. And those really are a kicker. Yeesh. I figure that I can count my yoga twice a week, and the rest of the days I can do walks around the block with the Dave and/or the kids. It won't be a hardship to add a green leafy salad (but it may be a hardship to cut out my ranch dressing), and I might be able to trudge through the month with no DDP. But NO white sugar?? Is she nuts? Am I nuts?? Why yes, yes I am. But I'm going to do it anyways. I think it will help me out with that last bit of stubborn baby weight (and from all I've read it should increase my milk production, which is a bonus) and I think I'll be a lot more energetic to boot. I'm already doing better than I was with either of the other two kids, largely thanks to those rockin' multivitamins I mentioned - seriously, but there is always room for improvement. And, I'd really just like to have our family eating healthier. The kids LOVE their green smoothies, we eat them every day, and Tot could eat her weight in salad, but I'm going to use this month to getting the rest of us to eat more salad and to cut all of our white sugar down. It's not like I have pliant children to begin with, maybe cutting out white sugar will give me normal-energy kids :)

Anyways, that's it - a fruit and veggie filled, month-long wonderland of Extravaganza, September 21 - Oct 21. Goodness, that sounds long. Oh, and if you need any ideas for your green smoothie, hop on over to Happy Foody - she's got a great recipe, a great How To video, and all sorts of help there. As for me, I stick to the same thing every time - 8 oz OJ, 1 fresh banana, 2 cups baby spinach, and 2 cups frozen mixed fruit. Blend, blend, blend, nom, nom, nom.

So - are you going to join me on this freakish Extravaganza? Come on. You know you want to. See? That's a little niggle telling you that it would be sad to leave the Unsinkable to blend all on her onsie. She needs a Green Smoothie Pal.

That pal is you. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Busy Week

It's been a busy week here, friends! My Tot turned FIVE. Yes, you read that right. Five. How on earth is that possible?? We're taking her to the American Girl Doll store in Dallas tomorrow for a fancy brunch with her dolls. Hilarious. I'll do a more in depth Tot-Post after that (the pictures are sure to be worth it), but for now - here's a look at my Five Year Old:

The cake was made especially for Tot alone, by Aunt LaLa (Laura Beth). You should have seen Tot's face when she saw the cake. Priceless.

And the other event of the week: Our Allie-Gator turned TWO months old! It's flying by so fast, and I can't believe it. Here are the stats -

(Allie, with her Gator)

Weight - 12 Pounds (I know!)
Height - I have no idea.
Sleeping - She slept through the night this week!!! It didn't happen again last night, but I'm holding out hope.
Eating - Well, since she's 12 pounds you can assume the girl eats. She doesn't miss many meals.
General Disposition - She's a doll-baby. She doesn't fuss much, doesn't whine much. And she doesn't talk or move at all, which frankly, is a delightful break. She loves to snuggle and is just now starting to smile - most often at the ceiling. As soon as I try to coax a smile out of her, she immediately goes stone face. Unless I stick my tongue out, then I'm her world.

All of my babies.
Please, some one tell me they stop growing at some point.
It's all going by too fast.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Annual Fall Preparation Extravaganza!

Don't you smell it?

Yes! That right there!

Vague hints of burning leaves, a little cinnamon here and there? That's Fall, my friends. Fall. And with Fall comes....

The Annual Fall Preparation List!!

Only this year, we are upgrading the list to Extravaganza status. You know! As much as I love my lists (and you know I love my lists), I do heart me a good extravaganza. And since I have two other extravaganzas in the works, I had to make it a trifecta. And there is nothing more worthy of an Extravaganza title, than Fall.

If you are chomping at the bit to bite into one of those pumpkin candy corns, if you've been eyeing the Farmer's Market to see when the mums will make their appearance, if you just bought three scarves even though the temperature has yet to dip below 60 degrees, then friend - this Extravaganza was made for you!

So, grab a pen and paper, light that cinnamon scented Yankee Candle, throw open the windows and join me, as we stand and sing.


The List.

1. Fast & Furious Fall Cleaning: As this year we added a whole 'nother person to the mix, my house is what we would like to call.... out of sorts. And by "sorts" I mean "laundry". I have piles upon piles of laundry just waiting for my attention. I don't like to ignore them, but when pressed to choose between washing my only-slightly-dirty jeans and Allies sweet-mother-dirty cloth diapers, well, the diapers win every time. And so there are piles of clothes, and there are closets with hastily stuffed shelves, and there are cabinets whose contents have not been examined in many, many moons. But Fall is no time for an unexamined life, and we will conquer those piles and those closets, one at a time. Who wants to face winter not knowing where your favorite long sleeved tshirt is? Not The Unsinkable! So, each day this week I'll be diving into a room during nap time and cleaning that sucker like it's never been cleaned before. And since I hurt my shoulder last week, I'll take the week off yoga and count the furious decluttering and cleaning as my exercise.

2. Fall Decorating: Sigh. Don't you just love walking into stores in the Fall and seeing what little autumn hued knick knacks they have out? Since your house will be super clean, this is the perfect time to hit those stores and see what you can hunt and gather to make your clean house a cozy home. I'll be hitting the attic and pulling out my fall decorations and trying to locate the scarecrow behind our front bushes. Every year I buy a scare crow to decorate the front of our house with, and every year it falls down behind the bushes and I forget about it until the next Fall. By then, it's bug ridden and icky, so I buy a new one. Maybe "clean up fall(en) things" should be on my list this year... But regardless, get thee to a Michaels or a Walmart or just your own neighborhood for leaves, and pretty up your place. I'm seeing pumpkins and mums on the porch, glass jars filled with pine cones, and lots of candles (of the Yankee variety, of course).

3. Cold Weather Preparation (a.k.a. The Weather Outside Is Frightful-ish): See? Doesn't it feel better having all that done? The house is clean and all your crannies are organized, and when you look around there are pretty autumn touches. Form and Function. Now it's time to get to the nitty gritty. Since Fall is really a lead up to Winter, it makes sense that we use that time to stock up for when the weather really does turn. Here in Texas it really isn't that bad until January and February (and even then it's mild), but it never hurts to be prepared, folks. And a week of preparation, will go a long way towards seeing cold weather as something to be enjoyed, not just tolerated. Here's where we'll do our work:

  • A. Clothing - First off is the kids. We have a rockin' consignment sale (JBF) twice a year, and this year it falls the first weekend of October. I get the kids to try on all their fall/winter things and see what fits and what doesn't. That which fits gets hung up, and that which doesn't gets boxed up or taken to Good Will. Then I make a list of everything that I need to pick up at the sale. This year we splurged and bought the older kids brand new winter coats already. We found a great sale on coats that should last two winters and have zip in liners. Other than that, Tot needs some winter dresses (per usual) and some long sleeved tshirts. Little David needs jeans, khakis for church, and long sleeved tshirts. And they both need new shoes that aren't crocs :). After the kids are taken care of, I get down the grown up clothes from the attic and switch them out with the summer-only clothes, and see what needs to be added. This year I will be adding those rockin' clogs I posted last week and anything from the Gap I can get my grubby little hands on.
  • B. Bedding - For those of you in colder places, this would be the time to lose the thin blankets and heft that bad-boy duvet out. We used to do this, but over the years have grown to appreciate our worn in quilts and now we simply add more of them. Dave and I add another quilt to our bed and change our cotton jersey sheets to flannel, and the kids get a big fleece blanket underneath their comforters. Bed clothes also just pumped up about now, with sweat pants replacing no pants, and the kids getting new house shoes. I have had the same red winter robe for almost 10 years now, and using it daily is one of my favorite things about cold weather. It was a gift from my Mammaw, after noticing how much I liked hers one visit. It's terry cloth and fleece, and it's from a Tall Girl shop so it comes all the way down to the floor. Anyone who has ever seen me near bedtime/or waking has seen this robe. The kids have a sort of fascination with my robes (I have a light summer one as well) and so this year they may be getting their own. And lastly, we'll break out the heated mattress topper so we can slide into a toasty warm bed on those chilly nights
  • House Stuff: It wouldn't do us any good to have a clean and pretty house if we were with out power or freezing our fannies off, would it? Clean out a shelf in your hall closet or linen closet or closet closet, whatever, and fill it with things that will be useful when all those storms come in. Flashlights (with working batteries and spares), candles and matches (it's helpful to have these scattered around the house as well), extra blankets, and anything else you think you might need. An ice storm is a truly crappy time to find out you ran out of matches last year! Also, on our list is to chop up the remaining firewood from a couple of years ago. We didn't make as many fires as usual last winter, due to Dave traveling so much, but this year we plan to make up for it in spades. Last, but sweet fancy moses not least, make sure you pick up plenty of graham crackers, hershey bars, and marshmallows. What kind of preparation excludes S'mores??

4. Holiday Preparation: Sweet Holidays, how I need you. Without holidays, life would be no fun at all. Personally, I have a tendency to over plan (stop laughing.). I can get so wrapped up in planning for something, that I forget to actually enjoy it. So this year, I am dispensing with my anal holiday planning and I'm just going to do a little planning, during the actual month of the holiday, and really enjoy myself. On the roster for our family - Talk Like A Pirate Day (of course.), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of those special days that are only recognized by the internet. You know - Homemade Cookie Day, National Grouch Day, Plush Animal Lover's Day, and the list goes on. Basically, this is a season for having fun and for celebrating all the things you can celebrate. Taking a day and making it more fun than it would have been by doing something ridiculous and over the top. You know I love me some pirates, so Talk Like A Pirate Day has been elevated to Real Live Holiday in our house. We really do talk like pirates, we dress up, and we do pirate-y things. The kids go on a treasure hunt and we read pirate books. If we didn't do that, it would just be some totally normal day in September. But it's not. It's a Pirate-y day. So, this fall, don't just focus on the regular holidays (although I really should be thinking about what my kids will be for Halloween, where we are going for Thanksgiving, and what my Christmas budget will be), think about how you can make the season more fun, not just more busy.

5. Festivities: As always, The. Best. Part. Hayrides, nature walks, hiking in cool weather, decorating pumpkins (and have I found the cutest ideas for pumpkins in all those magazines I've been reading!), baking pumpkin-y thing, dressing up as pilgrims and Indians, watching Charlie Brown, eating Halloween candy until you die, leaf rubbings, jumping in leaf piles, ugh. Could you not just die from all the fall awesomeness that you can do?? This is when you throw those windows open, light your candles, drink your coffee, snuggle under soft blankets, and listen to the breeze in the trees.

So, hop on board with me. Clean that house, decorate it up nicely, get those blankets out, and ready your self for the best Fall your family has had yet. Fall is basically a synonym for snuggling, anyways.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hmmm....I was trying to be all update-y and things but, alas, school and laziness have gotten in the way. But it won't get in the way of me being thankful! Today, I am crazy thankful for...

1. This green smoothie that I am drinking. YUM. It has OJ, a banana, two cups of mixed frozen fruit, 1/4 cup of raspberries, and about two cups of baby spinach. The fruit is so good that you can't even taste the spinach, and the strawberries and raspberries make it look pink instead of green. SO tasty and a lovely way to get in fruits and veggies.

2. The weather looking like it's going to turn. We all know how much I love fall, and when I was looking on the weather channel today, it said RAIN. And CLOUDS. And ONLY high 80 degree weather!!! I KNOW! Please Lord, let it remain that way.

3. My super fabulous sister in law, Laura Beth, is watching the kids tonight so Dave and I can go on a much needed date. She is the best ever and is watching all. three. kids. I know! Could have I gotten any luckier in the in-law jackpot?

4. Tot's birthday is next week and she will be FIVE. I am thankful that I have survived this long.

5. Extravaganzas. Friends, there are THREE extravaganza's I have going on and it is SUPAH FABULOUS. Next week, I'll detail all three for you, but let me leave you with these words:

It. Will. Be. Legendary.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Unsinkable Updates

I loved doing Fetus Fridays while I was pregnant, and I enjoy being able to look back at each week (*cough month cough*) and see pictures and progress. It occured to me that I could easily do that now, just in a more general sense. This is probably not the most scintillating blog material (and I might get a little long winded), but it will certainly be nice for me to be able to look back and know how our family was rolling at any given period.

With the Children: Currently, all of our kids are in ... funks. Not terribly acting out, but way off their game. Tot has this irritating habit of not looking at any one when they are speaking to her. Drives Dave and I bonkers. BONKERS. She'll face you, speak to you, but her eyes will be looking sideways. Added to this, it's been taking us repeating directions quite a number of times until she'll follow through. Little David is hitting his three year old stride, much like Tot did at that age. Lots of histrionics, lots of whining, lots of acting out physically. And so, after much temper loss and discussion, Dave and I laid down the law. Obey The First Time. No Whining. Look When Spoken To. And for Dave and I: No Yelling. Calm Tempers. The consequences are time outs from Mom and Spankings from Dad. And Dave and I have to take 3 deep breaths when we lose our temper, and drink a glass of water when we yell. It's actually been quite helpful. After our sit down talk, when we informed them that there would be no second chances, their behavior has gotten noticeably better and Dave and I have been much calmer with them. Alli-Gator was supposed to be working on pooping her pants less, and she is doing well.

With our Marriage: Along with the third child, came a noticable drop in Dave's and my "Pal Time". We've always been good at making alone time, whether it be a date night, a night away, or a stay at home date. We know that when we don't connect alone, we start to argue much more. So, we've been chatting with our family, scheduling a few date nights, and making sure to eat dinner as a family (something we are usually awful about), so that once the kids go to bed we've got all night without any other intrusions. On the horizon, a date night tomorrow (courtesy of Laura Beth) and a weekend at home alone (well, with Allie) painting our bedroom while the kids stay with Mom and Tim. Rock Star. Also, The Biggest Loser starts next Tuesday, so you can bet your bottom our Date Night will be alive and strong :)

In the Kitchen: Pumpkin. Oh, pumpkin. I've been in a magazine reading frenzy lately, and every magazine I'm reading has the most delicious things to make with pumpkin. This weekend, I'm going to try my hand at making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones, Pumpkin Crumble Bread, and oh...I don't know. Something else yummy :)

Around the House: I'm finding my footing now that Allie is almost 2 months old (!!!). I've got a great routine at night, getting the dishes running, the coffee going, Dave's lunch made (usually), and the house picked up. It's made for very pleasant mornings. Now, I just need to get a good routine for the afternoon/nap time, so that the early evenings are just as pleasant.

In the School Room: Tot is a rockstar reader!! She's reading short sentences and small books, and things around the house. I've been having her help me bake a little, and when she reads a word in the recipe, or shows me the right measurement, then she gets to do that step. She seems to like that hands on practice WAY more than doing her workbooks. And funny enough, she says that her favorite thing in school right now is Math. Here's hoping that sticks. Little David is moving along, working alongside of us when he can and doing other age appropriate things when needed. He doesn't like school near as much as Tot, but he's a good little trooper. Again, Allie is learning to poop her pants less.

What I'm Reading: I just finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (LOVED IT) for a book club I'm in, and will begin reading The Lovely Bones for another. Added to that, I'm reading His Excellency: George Washington (just for myself) and I've been hip deep in magazines this week. September/October/November issues, of almost any magazine are my absolute favorite. I've also been trying to read my bible every morning, along with drinking my coffee. I would say that I've been more hit than miss lately, but since I didn't do it today, I am feeling guilty writing about it - LOL.

How We're Rolling: On the whole, folks, I'd say we're rolling slowly, but steadily. :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

They Say It's My Birthday, Da Na Na Na Na!!


Well, Friends. Today's the day. The BEST day of the year.


I don't know if you've realized this, but I ADORE my birthday. Presents, special treats, a general world view that can not be tarnished.

You see, you can either dread the aging process, or you can embrace it. I whole heartedly choose to embrace it and have a dang good time doing it. I'm going to get older no matter what I do, so I might as well enjoy every second of it and wring that sucker till it's dry of every fun thing I can think of to do. I'm not worried about wrinkles, not worried about grey hair, and not worried about sagging body parts. I am mildly concerned about facial hair, which the women in my family are prone to getting the second they turn 30, but there are lasers for that sort of thing, so I'm rolling with it. And maybe I'll like having a beard, who knows? It could keep me warm in the winter.

Anyways, I'll have to wait on the beard for now, because I'm only turning 28 today. But there are lots of other things to look forward to - like finishing my Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, spending a little of my birthday money, staying in my jammies most of today, getting the last 10 of my 28 birthday swats from Dave, reading more cards from the Tot, getting more hugs from Little David, hearing the birthday songs and reading the birthday wishes.

And lest we forget, hearing everyone call me "Unsinkable" all day long, even my mom, because that is the birthday mandate.

You know, It's a good day, Tater!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow! So, it's been awhile since I've done a post that had any sort of real content to it and wasn't entirely made of pictures or baby news. Sorry, my reader friends, apparently I've been a little out of pocket! But, no worries. Your dear Unsinkable is back with much to speak of and write about and I will keep the boringness to an absolute minimum.

Speaking of minimum boringness, it's......Thankful Thursday! The part of our show, where the Unsinkable is thankful. And as such, today I am thankful...

1. For Coffeemate Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer. Sweet Fancy Moses, dear, where have you been all my life? In the refrigerator section? Seriously? This sweet blend of non-natural substances has been the start of my day, every day, for the last few weeks. Our friends, the Spicers, came to visit Texas a couple of months ago and April got some creamer and I tried it and that was that. Dave has always been a daily coffee drinker and I always set up the coffee at night to automatically start brewing when he stepped out of the shower. Then I started adding another cup to brew for me. Now, I've upped my addiction to two cups every morning and I am quite a happy and caffeinated camper.

2. That even though all I want this morning is to be left alone for ten minutes while I drink the above mentioned cups of coffee, Little David sidles up to me to snuggle and when I tell him to go play he says "But you my best fwend, Mommy. I lub to snuggle wif you." Well, you can't beat that, can you?

3. That TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! We all know how much I love my birthday, and this one is no exception. I'll be turning 28, a perfect age if I do say so myself, and I have plans. Oh, do I have plans. Tomorrow evening, I'll be ditching the kiddos and Dave for the night and heading out with the girls. We're going to go to La Madeline and eat desserty type things and talk, and talk, and talk. LOVE IT. Last year, we went to see Mama Mia (the sing a long!) and had ice cream and it was great. This year, I wanted to actually get to talk to people, so we're doing that.

4. That on Saturday, our family is going to Lake Tyler for a day full of lake swimming awesomeness and family time. We love Dave's family out there and don't get to see them near as much as we would like, being that it's a three hour drive. The kids love their cousins there, and they are all the same age so it's a ton of fun. It's supposed to be nice and cool and maybe even rain, so I expect a very pleasant and relaxing day.

5. That since we are homeschooling, when I have been up late with Allie and am totally exhausted, that we can push school back an hour for me to get some extra rest and wake up with the above mentioned coffee.

6. For my pajamas. They are cute.

7. For the trip to INDIANA I'm going to take!!! I'll blog more about this later, but you all know how I feel about my home state (again, reserving the right to call both Indiana and Texas home). Ham Salad, here I come.

8. FOR MY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!! It's so awesome that I'm thankful for it twice.

9. For my David. I adore him and think that he's the best dad in the universe and the best husband of something even larger than that. He works hard, plays hard, and snuggles with the best of them. And tomorrow night he's watching all three kids by himself while I go play. Is there anything better??

So there we have it. My first thankful thursday in a LONG time! I think that I'm finally back in the swing of things, so there should be some better content on here from now on. How does that sound readers? Hey...Hey. It's okay. There, there. Stop crying. I know it's great and everything, but really. You're embarrassing yourself. Okay, thanks. We made it through this barren time, nothing but good times ahead.