Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hmmm....I was trying to be all update-y and things but, alas, school and laziness have gotten in the way. But it won't get in the way of me being thankful! Today, I am crazy thankful for...

1. This green smoothie that I am drinking. YUM. It has OJ, a banana, two cups of mixed frozen fruit, 1/4 cup of raspberries, and about two cups of baby spinach. The fruit is so good that you can't even taste the spinach, and the strawberries and raspberries make it look pink instead of green. SO tasty and a lovely way to get in fruits and veggies.

2. The weather looking like it's going to turn. We all know how much I love fall, and when I was looking on the weather channel today, it said RAIN. And CLOUDS. And ONLY high 80 degree weather!!! I KNOW! Please Lord, let it remain that way.

3. My super fabulous sister in law, Laura Beth, is watching the kids tonight so Dave and I can go on a much needed date. She is the best ever and is watching all. three. kids. I know! Could have I gotten any luckier in the in-law jackpot?

4. Tot's birthday is next week and she will be FIVE. I am thankful that I have survived this long.

5. Extravaganzas. Friends, there are THREE extravaganza's I have going on and it is SUPAH FABULOUS. Next week, I'll detail all three for you, but let me leave you with these words:

It. Will. Be. Legendary.

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robinscharff said...

Hey girl...the backpack is made by Kelty. We got it on Craig's List for about $40 I think. I would reccommend looking there first. Ours holds a child up to 30lbs. Another good place to check out is REI when they do their "garage sales". Check your REI for details on when it is.