Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Oh what a beautiful morning! It's SOOO chilly out right now (59!) and I am loving. it. It's going to warm back up over the next few days, but right now is so perfect I can barely stand it. Here is what I'm thankful for on this glorious, cloudy, chilly morning:

1. I am totally cheating on my No White Sugar thing for the first time. Yep, I put creamer in my coffee this morning. Totally worth it. I'm going to go to Sprouts later and get some Coconut Milk creamer, but for now, I'm sucking in the white sugar with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

2. Allie slept through the night!!!! I KNOW! This is the second time she's done it and I can't believe my good fortune. The amusing thing, is that she sleeps in her swing the whole time. It's the only place she'll sleep besides our bed, and I find it so very funny. At some point, I'm going to have to get her to sleep in her own crib, but I'm just not caring about that right now.

3. I'm wearing my Cold Weather Robe. fleece and worn to the nub.

4. We had the most lovely family night last night. Dave and I took the kids to a "Fresh Mex" restaurant near us and sat on the patio with them. The food was good (but was more along the greasy side than fresh, but whatev) and the weather was gorgeous. We got to watch the sunset, and for being in the middle of town the place had a great view. Then we took the kids to our park around the lake, and walked a mile. They kept running ahead of us and then running back, so I think they probably ran two miles. And then everyone slept late. Perfection.

5. As of this morning, I am only 7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight! Hurray! This Green Smoothie Extravaganza really did jump start my weight loss again. I had stalled, stalled, stalled, and it's nice to see those numbers moving again.

6. Next week is my favorite consignment sale for the kids, and I am pretty excited to see what goodies I will find them. I have been very spoiled each year to find the kids BabyGap jeans for under $7, and I am praying to find them again. My kids have no butts, straight hips, and a little tummy (quite like their mom, actually) and the only jeans that don't fall down on them and show their little buns are BabyGap jeans. Buying them at the store, they run over $25 a pair. Um, no. Not ever going to pay that much for children's clothes, no matter how great they are. So, I'll dig through those racks until I hit the jackpot :).

7. Not this weekend, but next, my Mom and Tim are watching the older kids for the WHOLE weekend. Have I mentioned how they are the best?? The kids are dying to see them both and Dave and I so happy to have a weekend to ourselves. I find it highly funny that we consider having only Allie with us "by ourselves".

8. That school is going quite well, if quite irregularly. We're trying to find a good rhythm right now, and it seems that not pushing Tot to do school at the same time each day, or in the same way each day, she's staying more excited.

So, that's what I'm thankful for. It's a good day, people. Good Day.

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Debra said...

Kristen, AWESOME to see you and your sweet kiddo's and baby Allie at Target. You really look great and relaxed (especially after baby and lacking in sleep ... I would never have guessed you'd just had a baby ... sigh! Hoping that will be the case with me after December)and, again, I was reminded of what a great mom you are. You are so consistent with your kiddo's. It knocked my socks off, just like the day you guys visited our house. So proud of you and so thankful to be your friend. Love you!