Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tot Speak

Tot comes in while I'm playing with Allie

UK: Hey Tot
T: She. Is. So. ADORABLE.
UK: I know, she is, isn't she?
T: I could just eat her up like a baby burrito.

While watching the kids chase each other around with bits of string

T: How do you catch a Longhorn?
UK: What do you want to catch it for?
T: To kill it.
UK: Why would you want to kill a Longhorn??
T: For sleeping bags.
UK: Huh?
T: (Sighs Loudly) There aren't any beds on the ranch.
UK: Oh.
T: How would you distract a Longhorn?
UK: You need to play something else.



Nicole said...

Duh.Why else would you need to kill a longhorn?

A Fancher said...

She is sooooo funny!