Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Unsinkable Updates

I loved doing Fetus Fridays while I was pregnant, and I enjoy being able to look back at each week (*cough month cough*) and see pictures and progress. It occured to me that I could easily do that now, just in a more general sense. This is probably not the most scintillating blog material (and I might get a little long winded), but it will certainly be nice for me to be able to look back and know how our family was rolling at any given period.

With the Children: Currently, all of our kids are in ... funks. Not terribly acting out, but way off their game. Tot has this irritating habit of not looking at any one when they are speaking to her. Drives Dave and I bonkers. BONKERS. She'll face you, speak to you, but her eyes will be looking sideways. Added to this, it's been taking us repeating directions quite a number of times until she'll follow through. Little David is hitting his three year old stride, much like Tot did at that age. Lots of histrionics, lots of whining, lots of acting out physically. And so, after much temper loss and discussion, Dave and I laid down the law. Obey The First Time. No Whining. Look When Spoken To. And for Dave and I: No Yelling. Calm Tempers. The consequences are time outs from Mom and Spankings from Dad. And Dave and I have to take 3 deep breaths when we lose our temper, and drink a glass of water when we yell. It's actually been quite helpful. After our sit down talk, when we informed them that there would be no second chances, their behavior has gotten noticeably better and Dave and I have been much calmer with them. Alli-Gator was supposed to be working on pooping her pants less, and she is doing well.

With our Marriage: Along with the third child, came a noticable drop in Dave's and my "Pal Time". We've always been good at making alone time, whether it be a date night, a night away, or a stay at home date. We know that when we don't connect alone, we start to argue much more. So, we've been chatting with our family, scheduling a few date nights, and making sure to eat dinner as a family (something we are usually awful about), so that once the kids go to bed we've got all night without any other intrusions. On the horizon, a date night tomorrow (courtesy of Laura Beth) and a weekend at home alone (well, with Allie) painting our bedroom while the kids stay with Mom and Tim. Rock Star. Also, The Biggest Loser starts next Tuesday, so you can bet your bottom our Date Night will be alive and strong :)

In the Kitchen: Pumpkin. Oh, pumpkin. I've been in a magazine reading frenzy lately, and every magazine I'm reading has the most delicious things to make with pumpkin. This weekend, I'm going to try my hand at making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones, Pumpkin Crumble Bread, and oh...I don't know. Something else yummy :)

Around the House: I'm finding my footing now that Allie is almost 2 months old (!!!). I've got a great routine at night, getting the dishes running, the coffee going, Dave's lunch made (usually), and the house picked up. It's made for very pleasant mornings. Now, I just need to get a good routine for the afternoon/nap time, so that the early evenings are just as pleasant.

In the School Room: Tot is a rockstar reader!! She's reading short sentences and small books, and things around the house. I've been having her help me bake a little, and when she reads a word in the recipe, or shows me the right measurement, then she gets to do that step. She seems to like that hands on practice WAY more than doing her workbooks. And funny enough, she says that her favorite thing in school right now is Math. Here's hoping that sticks. Little David is moving along, working alongside of us when he can and doing other age appropriate things when needed. He doesn't like school near as much as Tot, but he's a good little trooper. Again, Allie is learning to poop her pants less.

What I'm Reading: I just finished reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (LOVED IT) for a book club I'm in, and will begin reading The Lovely Bones for another. Added to that, I'm reading His Excellency: George Washington (just for myself) and I've been hip deep in magazines this week. September/October/November issues, of almost any magazine are my absolute favorite. I've also been trying to read my bible every morning, along with drinking my coffee. I would say that I've been more hit than miss lately, but since I didn't do it today, I am feeling guilty writing about it - LOL.

How We're Rolling: On the whole, folks, I'd say we're rolling slowly, but steadily. :)


Cynthia said...

Well, I must say that I was alittle discombobulated when I logged onto the blog and everything was flipped around. It was hard to concentrate. :)
I'm a big fan of little Alli's desire to improve her bowel skills and I'm proud of Tot working on her vowel skills however if Little David works on his towel skills he'll be flipping Tot's booty in no time. That should add to the pandamonium around the Chapman house. (hee hee)

Sounds like you have some awesome routines - little Unsinkable Flybaby - and I'm sure that you'll have that afternoon routine down real soon. OH! As for autumn magazines, check out the recent issue of Country Sampler! I am loving it.

Beth said...

I was so glad to read that other people's toddlers act out too and life isnt perfect with a new baby. Its been a tough week here.