Thursday, October 01, 2009

An Extravaganza To Rule Them All: 101 Things in 1001 Days

Oh you know I'm doing it. My friend, Diana, called me the other day detailing an Extravaganza that she just knew I would be all over. As she told me about it, my heart went pitter patter. We all know how I like lists, like challenges, and LOVE extravaganzas, right? Well, this is like all of them rolled together in to one freakishly awesome, long term, totally rad EXTRAVAGANZA. It really needs to be in all caps for the weight of it to translate to type.

Starting today, October 1st 2009, I will be working to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days.

I know! Isn't that perfect?? I've looked through tons of people's lists and I've stolen things, tweeked things, created things, and stitched it together to make my very own list. My end date is June 28, 2012. Doesn't that seem forever away? By then, Dave and I will have been married for 10 years, Tot will be almost 8, Little David will be 6, and Allie will be almost 3. Wow.

So here is the list, grouped together as well as I could. For the record, it's relatively hard to come up with this many things and even harder to group them together without losing your place. So that's why I have a catch all at the bottom :)

And away we go!


The Stats, Yo:

Start Date - October 1, 2009
End Date - June 28, 2012
Completed tasks will be in BOLD
In Progress tasks will be in italics

Family Fun:

001. Go camping with the kids 3x a year
002. Visit 3 National Parks (0/3)
003. Get an annual membership to the Fort Worth Nature Reserve for Christmas
004. Turn the TV off for a whole week
005. Buy 5 more board games (4/5)
006. Go apple/peach picking
007. Cut our own Christmas Tree
008. Enroll the kids in Soccer
009. Do a Family Night once a month
010. Get 4 more insects to watch grow
011. Go to the Fort Worth Farmer's Market
012. Ride a train
013. Get a Goldfish
014. Go to Animal World & Snake Farm
015. Visit The Alamo
016. Attend three local festivals (0/3)
017. Go to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon
018. Teach Tot to ride her bike with no training wheels
019. Teach Little David to ride with no training wheels
020. Go tubing on the Brazos
021. Go on a canoe trip
022. Be Vegetarians for a whole week

Dave & I:
023. Find a Dodgeball Tournament for The Ocho
024. Eat Huevos Rancheros on Neuves
025. Go on a really cool Diezes, Baby! Trip
026. Go to a Robert Earl Keen concert
027. Decide on Baby #4
028. Go to a Marriage Conference, laugh, then skip the last day. Just like old times. :)
029. Get 2 more pairs of matching shoes (0/2)
030. Go to 6 Flags
031. See 9 movies alone (3/9)
032. Go to a Cowboys game
033. Go to a Rangers game
034. Go to a Stars game

035. Paint my kitchen/living area/office yellow
036. Paint David's bedroom
037. Decide if I want to paint my room or not
038. Make a raised vegetable bed
039. Hang a clothesline
040. Buy a houseplant
041. Keep houseplant alive for a year
042. Paint outside of house
042. Make flower bed in front yard.

Only Unsinkable Things:
043. Read the biographies of the first 20 presidents (0/20)
044. Attend monthly book club meetings
045. Take a class with Mom at Homestead Farms
046. Attend a Bible Class faithfully for an entire session
047. Learn to crochet
048. Do two 30 Day Green Challenges
049. Make Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls
050. Get a pedicure
051. Run (actually run, not walk) a 5k
052. Teach a kids Bible class
053. Give blood
054. Get a new tattoo
056. Make Scones from scratch
057. Make homemade bread once a month
058. Try a new recipe twice a month
059. Join a food Co-Op
060. Make all of Allie's babyfood from scratch
061. Switch to all natural cleaners permanently
062. Go on a Girls Trip (going to Arizona in March!)
063. Do NaBloPoMo again
064. Visit 5 new restaurants
065. Write our sponsor child once a month
066. Write an encouraging email/note one a week
067. Make Mammaw's Peanut Butter Fudge
068. Make homemade Chicken & Noodles
069. Make Ham Salad
070. Make Forfar Bridies
071. Go play Bingo 3 times (1/3)
072. Organize the kid's outgrown clothes into boxes by gender/size
073. Organize Attic
074. Help David organize the Garage
075. Submit 5 articles for publication (0/5)
076. Get published
077. Use my passport
078. Subscribe to two magazines - Real Simple and Woman's Day
079. Compost
080. Get CPR Certified
081. Get a manicure
082. Continue Homeschooling
083. Change my own oil
084. Go to a wine tasting
085. Go offline for a week
086. Change my own tire
087. Visit 5 State Parks (0/5)
088. Travel to 4 States I've never been to (0/4)
089. Try a Supreme Pizza
090. Paint a piece of furniture

Things That Fit Under Other Categories But I Already Started Numbering:

091. Potty Train Allie
092. Get Allie in Big Girl Bed
092. Teach Little David to read
093. Go on a family vacation to see my Dad and Tamara
094. Go on a family vacation with Dave's family
095. Go on a family vacation with Mom & Tim
096. Get new patio furniture
097. Hang our Hammock chairs
098. Go to a Flea Market
099. Go back to Gruene with Dave
100. Cut fresh lavendar
101. Read through the Bible in a year.

So that's my list! What do you think? I may go back and organize this a little better later, but for now this is how it stays.

Frankly, the next almost-three years sound pretty rock star, don't they??


Anonymous said...

I am going to do this with you but I am going to post mine on a note in Facebook since I don't have a blog right now.


A Fancher said...

Great list!

Cynthia said...

I am going to do this as well, but I think I'm doing 51 things in 501 days. I'm not up for such a GRAND Extravaganza, but I want to join in and have some fun. (to the tune of I'm So Pretty - ahem....)
I love planning...
I love dreaming...
I love planning, and dreaming, and planning...
Now just will I ....
Do all of the things on my list?
tata ta ta ta taa tata.
See that Nana....
Silly Nana....
She is sewing, and cooking, and such.
She's just twirling cause she got to do the things on her list...
tata ta ta ta taa tata.

Debra said...

Great idea!

Diana said...

Lovin' the list my friend! Glad you got on board! This will be fun to do together! Since we have the same start date, maybe we should plan a joint celebration for the end???!!! :) Can't wait to see how it goes!

Tiffany said...


As I was scrolling down, though, my eyes blended the following two items:

012. Ride a train
013. Get a Goldfish read "Train a goldfish."

Now THAT, my friend, would have made a supremely awesome goal.

Sarah said...

More power to you, UK. I have no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish all 101. I'm not sure I could come up with that many myself!

Tiffany said...

Sarah, if you include sampling each one of Baskin Robbin's 31 flavors as a separate item, you'd have a big jump on this. That's what I'm planning to do, anyway -- just as soon as I check out Bingo Reviews at a!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I deleted the spam comment. This was actually one of the first ones I've ever had!