Friday, October 02, 2009

JBF Round Up

I went to my bi-annual consignment sale last night and it was Ca-Razy! It felt twice as large as years before and there was so very much stuff to dig through. I had the Gator in a sling and my trusty stroller with me to help, though. Here are the highlights of the night:

11 pairs of superhero underpants for Little David - $2

1 Halo Sleep Sack for The Gator - $2
(We used this last night and now I am wondering why I never had it with the other kids)

1 Hot Pink Exhiliration Robe for The Tot - $4

1 pair of Brand New With Tags Old Navy Khakis for Little David - $3

2 Books (Ramona The Brave, Ramona Quimby Age 8) - $1

2 Disney Talking Stuffed "Cars" (Lightening & Tomater) - $2

It was a pretty great night! I'll be going back on Saturday for my volunteer hours, and I'll probably pick up a few more things at the half price sale. I'm hoping to find a robe and slippers for Little David as well because I'm tired of him stealing mine. Yes, he steals my robe.

And what was Little David's favorite thing? The "Cars" toys? No. The pop up dinosaur book ($1)? No. The puzzles ($1)? No.

It was the underwear. He immediately put on his favorite of the bunch and then carried the rest of them around all morning.


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Tiffany said...

That's adorable! I love that he's an undie man! Congrats on your big finds. I wish there was a sale like that in this area, but we don't even have a nice consignment store, let alone a well-organized sale. So sad!