Monday, October 12, 2009

Replace "fractions" with the numbers 15 - 19 and you will have an accurate picture of Math Time.

Tot can recognize, name, and write all the other numbers from 1 - 100, but she can. not. reliably recognize the numbers 15 - 19.

Mindy, I feel your pain.


Tiffany said...

Isn't it funny what kids will have a mental block on?

I could absolutely count forwards and backwards as high as you wanted with no problem at all...except that I consistently forgot the number four when counting down. Eventually, I think I learned by watching our neighbor's "high tech" digital microwave (it was 1982) and shouting "FOUR" whenever I saw it appear. It could be that watching the microwave might help her get into a counting rhythm, too -- and all while her Easy Mac is cooking. Maybe just varying it up a little bit would help.

Anyway, sorry for your Monday frustrations!

Luke said...


May everything "click" long before you keel over!


Jennifer said...

where do you find this stuff? hilarious.

Robin said...

I just saw this and had to laguh! We constantly have to work on 15, 16, 17 18, 19...she says 14, 16, 16, 19, 20