Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tot Speak

After having a very rough morning, in which my kids went insane, I dropped everything I touched, my house was a mess, Tot wouldn't stop talking and poking at the Gator and running around like a lunatic - I finally lost it.

UK: Tot!!! Knock it off!! What in the world has gotten into you this morning??


T: Hmmm. I think I'm acting like this because of mind control.

UK: Doubtful.

T: Yep, that's it. Mind Control. Something has slid over my brain and is making me do this.

UK: (Sigh.) Get in your room.

T: I'm telling you. Mind Control.

Is it any wonder I'm going nuts today with such a little snot? :)

1 comment:

Luke said...


May the mind control fade shortly so you can have your normally wonderful children back.