Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Favorites: My Favorite Fall Things

Tuesday Favorites? What is this, 2008?

I know!

I'm bringing it back, at least for this week, because I do love me some fall weather and all it's accompanying loveliness. I'm sure everyone has things that just make the season for them, and I am no different. So for Tuesday Favorites, here is what I recommend for your Fall enjoyment.

1. Yankee Candles - I will state right out of the box that I am a Yankee Candle Snob. I love these candles so much, that I pretty much ignore every other candle - no matter how well priced it is. There are just SO many scents, so much to choose from, and they make your house smell just plain delightful. My friend, April, shares this joy with me, and often shares the scoop on good deals and coupons she finds - a true friend. I burn them all year round, but I find that my Yankee Candle Love burns brightest in the Fall and Winter. I am currently burning "Autumn Leaves" and next up is "Home Sweet Home". I am also a fan of "Good Morning" (yum.) and anything with a pumpkin or cinnamon stick on it. I highly recommend them for your candle burning enjoyment, and I garauntee people will walk in your house and say "Mmmmm" (or, like Cheryl did the other day, walk in, sniff, and be reminded of some place that you can't put a name to and it will drive you nuts the duration of the playdate).

2. Handmade Coffee Mug - I've never been a huge coffee drinker (I prefer the DDP, as we all know) but there is just something truly wonderful about drinking hot coffee out of a well made mug. It sits so nice and heavy in your hand, it's well insulated, and you know it was crafted, not just stamped out. Now, I'm not one who buys handmade everything, I do see a place for just going to Wal-Mart and buying whatever is cheapest - there is a place for that. But my coffee mug is not that place. Nope. I am currently between coffee mugs, but not for long. Mine broke a few weeks ago, and I will be going right back to the place I bought it this weekend to get it's replacement. I got it at this lovely Mennonite farm near Waco, and it is a thing to behold. When you fill it up with hot coffee and special peppermint creamer, your morning no longer is just something to get through. It's a moment of peace to be savored. After all, if we have to deal with early mornings (and, sweet fancy I do), then we might as well make them pretty, right?

3. Rain Boots - Is there anything more Fall-ish than rain boots? And are these boots not socuteyoucouldjustdie? I know! The argyle! The buckle! The total awesomeness of dry feet! I have yet to buy a pair of these because while I know I would adore them, I have to face the facts, and the facts are these: 1) I live in Texas. 2) It doesn't rain much here. It's rather silly to purchase a pair of boots dedicated solely to rainy weather when it is such a rare occurrence. So why am I so obsessed by rain boots? It may have something to do with our being in the 8th day of consecutive rain fall. If I can't have sunny weather, then I may as well be super stylin' when it rains, no matter how often.

4. Aprons - This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me or has read
this blog but at all, because friends, I love love love aprons. I love to bake in them, cook in them, do housework in them, play on the computer in them. I own quite a few and wear them all. Each one has it's own specific use and right now I'm rockin' a cute fall - themed apron my friend, Joanna, got me for my birthday last year. I do believe that you should get yourself to Target, World Market, Etsy, any antique store, or your grandmother's, and strap on an apron. Just imagine yourself all swaddled in some cute little thing, looking all home-makery, pulling some Pumpkin bread out of the oven. See? Aren't you cute! And dude, that bread smells good.

5. Quilts - Ah, quilts. Doesn't a good quilt just croon "Fall" to your over-summered
soul? I have a favorite quilt that I've had for probably over ten years. My mom's friend, Judy, made it for me when I graduated highschool and it has been worn to a delightful softness. It's yellow and gold and white and has beautiful stitching. It even has "Jesus Loves Kristen Grile" on one of the edges, in tiny stitches. Yes, Grile is my maiden name. It's "Grile, rhymes with Smile" a phrase my Dad always said that I thought was embarrassing at the time, but is highly effective at getting people to stop pronouncing it "Grill", which was more embarrassing. So, Dad was spot on. Anyways, I love this quilt. I love throwing the windows open and wrapping myself up and feeling the cold breeze blow through the house. I've lately discovered that you can throw a quilt into the dryer (when it's not wet! amazing!) and then wrap yourself up in hot quiltiness. Now that is awesome. I assume that it would work with any quilt (or any fabric, really, since getting fabrics hot and dry is what a dryer is for) and I plan on slowly acquiring a house full of quilts so that I can dive through them on cold days like Scrooge McDuck dives through gold. I suggest you do the same.

And there you have it. The Official Unsinkable Recommendations For A Cozy Time To Be Had By All.

Now you tell me, what are your Favorite Fall Things?


Sara Berry said...

The proliferation of pumpkin-flavored everything . . . especially lattes and scones at Starbucks and "Jack-O-Lantern" concretes at the local frozen custard shop: pumpkin custard, caramel and pecans. YUM.O.

Beth said...

pumpkin spice latte
cool damp mornings
tobacco barns firing up(exclusive to this area)
weekend fall festivals
warm food
walking through ankle deep crunchy leaves
worn in/worn out Reel Foot Lake Hoodie
Halloween candy
the relief from hot summers, the anticipation of the holidays
I could go on...