Friday, October 09, 2009

Unsinkable Updates

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With the Children: Last month we were working on a few very specific things, and this month we are keeping up with that. Little David has been doing marginally better at obeying the first time, and while he hasn't quit whining he is now aware of when he's doing it - so those are good steps. Tot is also getting marginally better at looking at us when we're talking to her, and in turn, we are getting better at realizing when she is acting out vs. tired. When Tot was littler, her response to being tired was to amp up and go crazy. She would just run/spin/play faster and faster until there was a total and complete crash. She seems to have moved past that now, and we are noticing that now when she gets tired her response is to be a little grumpy and a little more sensitive. I like this much better. Little David, however, is still in the twirl-till-crash stage. Allie is definitely becoming more and more person-like - she's smiling, coo-ing, snuggling, and she even rolled over! The kids still love her to pieces, although Little David told me the other day that he didn't want any more brothers or sisters because that would be "too too many people". He said he likes having just two sisters. Tot would be fine if we decided to have a dozen more, on the condition that I let her play with them and dress them up.

With our Marriage: We have made great progress in getting more Pal Time! Laura Beth has been Super Aunt, and Dave's parents actually watched all three kids while we went to a company dinner, and my Mom & Tim are going to take the eldest children next weekend leaving Dave and I with only the Gator and lots of time to get things done around the house. We are so very blessed to have family that helps, even when they have busy lives of their own. We've also made a point to have a little catch up time as soon as Dave gets home. I have Tot & Little David say a quick Hi to Dave, and then they go and pick up their rooms while Dave and I get a little time to see how eachother's day went and to discuss the evenings agenda. Between those things, and our always enjoyable At Home Date Night with The Biggest Loser, we've been a much more relaxed Dave & Kristen.

In the Kitchen: Green Smoothies. Nom nom nom. I do love me a green smoothie, and they have helped me knock down another couple of pounds. As of Wednesday, I only have 5 pounds of baby weight left! Slow and steady. I made some freakishly delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday which has probably changed Wednesdays number, but oh well. They were SOOO good. I made them with pumpkin puree I made myself and it really makes them better - thanks for the recipe, April!

Around the House: You know, I've been at home full time for over five years now. You would think that after awhile laundry, dishes, cleaning and the running of things would get boring. Like it would be doing the exact same thing over and over again. For some reason, this hasn't been the case with me. It's not always the most challenging of things to do, and sometimes my brain gets a little mushy feeling, but there is always something to try to improve. Since it's never done, and your family and life stage is always changing, there is always something to tweak. This week, I tweaked the laundry - to see if doing it all at once (except the diapers) would be better than one load a day. So far, I love it. But the beauty of this job, is that if I do it once and don't like it - I will always have a "do over". I'm in a season of "do over's" right now. I'm looking at all my routines (some I've had a long time, some that can barely be called routines at all), and seeing what I can do better to make my home a happier place to be.

In the School Room: Ah, school. You know, doing Kindergarten at home is really a fluid thing. Dave calls this "The Beautiful Year" - it's the year where Tot isn't technically old enough to be in Public School (she misses the cut off date by two weeks) but mentally she's old enough to learn all the material. So, there isn't a lot of real pressure put on us by anyone but ourselves. Obviously, our plan is to teach Tot at a PS Kindergarten level, and at the end of the year have her be at the level she would need to be to start PS 1st Grade and continue homeschooling from there on out. However, I can kindof relax, because there aren't any eyes on us. According to the State of Texas, and everyone else, everything I'm doing right now is over achieving pre-school. We don't need to "prove" anything. It will be next year that more people will be watching. When we will be ignoring the letters sent by the school district for public enrollment. When our "official" status will be Home School. It will be then, that there will be general standards we must meet, and certain standards I must plan for. But this year, I can sit back, relax and not worry about all that. I can teach just the way I want to, knowing that I'm doing the best for all three of my children. I can do that anyways, no matter what year Tot is "supposed" to be in, but this year - no one is watching. And that is rather pleasant.

What I'm Reading: Still working on my George Washington biography, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading by Jessie Wise, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, What Your Kindergartner Needs To Know by John Holdren, Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones, The Pride of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Sparks.

How We're Rolling: Pretty good, I'd say. We're finding our sea legs, and it's not too shabby for The Chapman's!

What Everyone Really Wants To See:

My Fall Extravaganza decorations :)


Tiffany said...

Every photo is adorable! My goodness! I can't pick a favorite...though cowboys in the kitchen might have a slight edge.

By the way, just as a warning, /Prime...Brodie/ will really screw with you. Good luck with that and let me know what you think.

amber said...

These pics are darling!!! I do laundry all in one day and I LOVE IT!!! Because I don't like to do laundry...I don't want to think about it EVERY DAY!!! So I pick usually one day during the week...and one weekend day to do all laundry. The other 5 days...I will not look at the stuff:)

Jennifer said...

Oh my GOSH!! Allie looks JUST like Taylor, you weren't kidding! That's CRAZY! And I love love LOVE the picture of the Davids playing guitar!