Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bubba Speak

Backstory: Little David has an aversion to wearing clothes. While he will put this aside for daytime (usually) he absolutely refuses to wear pajamas to bed. He will only sleep in his underwear and if you insist on jammies, he will take them off the second you leave the room. We decided this wasn't a hill to die on and since March of last year he hasn't worn PJ's.

It's mid morning and Little David still hasn't put clothes on. He is watching a cartoon on the couch, it's rainy and cold outside and the house is getting a little chilly.

UK: Bubby, you need to put sweatpants on. It's cold.
LD: No. I under a blanket.
UK: It's still cold, though. You need to wear clothes.
LD: No. I under a blanket.
UK: You're just watching TV, you're not even sleeping. Put. The. Pants. On.
LD: No. I under a blanket and when I under a blanket I must not wear pants. I do not like it. It do not feel good. Dis is better.
UK: You are ridiculous.
LD: Lub you Mamma.


Tiffany said...

"I must not wear pants." I love how he uses the imperative.

Cynthia said...

I think he's heard it before. :)