Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday: I'm Going To Miss This

I read another mom blog recently about how she "does it" with small children. She said that she was reminded one night when she was totally at the end of her rope, tired and not wanting to sing just one more time, that when her kids were adults she knew she would give anything to have these moments back. So she repeats to herself, "I'm going to miss this" and tries to soak up the moments as they happen.

I feel like that.

It seems like my kids are just getting so big and as I was leaning over Gator's crib last night, the crib Tot used to sleep in, I looked over at Tot and there she was - all sprawled across the bed like a person. Not like a baby, curled up on their tummy or side, smushed like they are still inside. Just everywhere. And I thought "I already miss that."

And it made me want to write it all down. All those things I'm going to miss. So this week, to restart Thankful Thursday, I'm going to list somethings that I will miss when my children are grown.

I'm going to miss:

1. How they all fit in our queen sized bed. Barely.

2. Tot falling asleep within minutes, Little David taking forever. Little David calling out from his room "Mommyyyy! When you done nursin' Awwie, you come kiss me snuggle me? I save you spot!"

3. The way their cheeks get flushed and soft while they sleep, their bodies all snuggly warm.

4. Nursing them all. I can never replace or regret all the moments I spent feeding them, no matter the hour or level of exhaustion. Nothing can compare to holding their sweet little bodies close to me and it being just the two of us.

5. Tot saying "Tink Tu!" for "Thank You". Her round little toddler cheeks, giant head and tiny body. She was a complete ball of energy in such a ferociously cute little package. I already miss that.

6. Little David running up to Tot after he had been put in time out "Tay-Yore, I missed you! I so wonesome wifout you!"

7. Little David telling Dave before he leaves for work "Love you Daddy, have fun at work. Be safe. Don't let your truck get in a wreck with cars!", then asking me "Can I sit inside your robe and snuggle?".

8. Tot's running commentary, set to song. "We're going to the is the tuuuuuurrrrnnnnn." She's already stopped doing this as much, and while it could get totally annoying, I do miss it already.

9. Being able to fit them all around me and have my arms on every one. When Tot is 25, Little David is 23, and Allie is 20 - I think my heart will break thinking of them all fitting on my lap - however smushed it may be.

10. Looking out my back window, with Allie on my lap, watching Tot and Little David run around playing together - the best friends they've ever had.

Sigh. I am so very thankful for my little creatures.


Beth said...

Thanks for the good cry. Its been awhile. Also, thanks for the reminder, that every day they are older they are one less day a baby. Wanna know what I'll miss? Little baby socks that end up everywhere. Footie pajamas, and the way Elenore cant say her "R's"

amber said...

I'm so with you!! I do think about this every day...I am looking at Leighton thinking...Oh, please don't let me forget what you look like right now, smell like, etc. I guess all we can do is savor every minute...and I think we are on the right track..taking the time!

MamaHen Em said...

This is so incredibly sweet. My baby is turning six soon and so I have been spending ALOT of time thinking about what I miss and reminding myself to enjoy every moment. The day I realized that the dimples on the back of her hands were gone, I literally cried. It meant she was a big girl.

JanuskieZ said...

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