Friday, January 22, 2010

Tot Speak/Bubba Speak

Watching Dirty Jobs: cricket farming or something.

LD: Momma, is them the crickets crickin' outside?

UK: Yep, Bubba. Sure are.

LD: Them is the crickets crickin' in Texas?

UK: Yep.

At rest time, Tot was running in and out of her room trying to sneak a peak of what I was watching on TV (tivo-ed Biggest Loser)

UK: No, Tot! You may not watch any tv! Get your buns back in your room. It. is. rest. time.

T: Mooooom, why won't you just let a young woman watch a little TV?

UK: snicker

T: For real, Mom.

UK: Get in your room, Tot.

T: Ugh.


Nicole said...

Three-year-old speak is just so fun! Except for the backtalk. That, not so much.

Amanda Jo said...

Too cute!