Friday, January 08, 2010

Unsinkable Updates

I know! It's been forever, but here is an update on our little family. It's a long one, so get yourself a comfy spot and a drink. And maybe a snack, too.

Also, please ignore the fresh out of the shower Unsinkable, and focus on that cute little Gator trying to stand. :)

With The Children: Have I mentioned how much I love having three kids? I may do individual posts on them later, because I could write a book about all the new things they are each doing, but as a whole, I love being a mom of three. We've moved past the juggling, and Dave and I have found how to best work our zone defense. You know, it really is different from having two. With two, the ratio is always one parent to one child. Now, one of us always has two kids to look after. We split them differently for whatever we're doing, but it usually winds up being I have the girls and he has the boy, or I have the Gator and he has the Elders. It is, without question, a little crazier. But you know, it's not like we have three babies at once. The Elders can walk by themselves and take care of themselves a little more, and Allie is still being carried everywhere. I'll be interested to see how life changes when she can walk. With the children, right now, we have definitely adjusted to having three and now we are back, once again, in dealing with the usual parent things: obeying the first time, using good manners, and using enough energy during the day so they don't go bat stinking crazy at dinner time.

With Our Marriage: Things are good right now. We've been doing great at getting our Pal time in, and we've been even better about doing that with out necessarily going on dates. I think that has been something I tend to forget. We don't have to go OUT to get our Pal time. The holiday season makes going on an actual date (not to a company Christmas party, etc) difficult. Our family babysitters are all busy, and even if they weren't, we are. There just aren't that many free days to get a date in. Thankfully, we've been in this season before, and so I know that the best remedy to that is to keep having our regular Date Night In (kids to bed early, we order pizza and watch our favorite shows and snuggle) and to remember that it's us against the world. It's not me and it's not me and the kids, it's Dave and I. Whatever else goes on, we've got each other's back. So when the kids go nuts, our families go nuts, our friends go nuts, or we go nuts alone, the other one is there. To sneak the last two pieces of pizza when the kids aren't looking, to send a crude text message to make the other laugh, or hide in the closet and laugh and hope the kids can't find us. It's great to have a Pal.

In The Kitchen: Newsflash - I've been eating like crap. So, so crappily. And honestly, I only feel sort of bad about it. Hardly bad at all, really. I LOVE the holiday season. And I LOVE to eat. And I LOVE to eat holiday food. So, I did. And I ate lots of it. Candy, Elcair dessert, pies, cookies, cookie dough, Chick Fil A (that's a holiday food, right?) name it and I over indulged in it. And it. was. good. But now it's January, and that means it's back to business as usual: Green smoothies, making the transition to whole and natural foods, experimenting with Chia seeds, and scouring vegan/raw blogs for ideas. For the record, our family will never be full on veggie, vegan, or raw, but I have been finding great food ideas from those that are. It's helpful to step out of the box to find new things, and we've been enjoying finding things we never thought we'd like. I'm constantly surprised at what the kids will/will not eat. For instance, they are currently in a love affair with flaxseed, wheat germ, and chia seeds. However they will not touch anything that remotely resembles a pepper, and peppers used to be absolute favorites. Anyways, our next mission is to find a really good stir fry recipe that uses LOTS of veggies. We usually make our own, but we seem to be in a rut there.

Around The House: Oh the house. Obviously, my housekeeping skillz have not been at their zenith of late. There are piles everywhere, there is dust accumulating on the baseboards and fans, and if you looked into any cabinet or closet you might run away screaming - I know I do. But, like FlyLady says "You're never behind! Just jump in where you're at." And so jump I will. I've got some laundry going, a few piles picked up, and I'm getting a little done at a time. Baby steps, Baby steps.

In The Schoolroom: I can not express how much I love homeschooling. You know, I have a tendency to flip flop a lot, but this is one thing I don't see myself going back on - it's not something we're "trying", it's something we're doing. Tot is reading well now. We've moved past "The cat is on the mat" and she is reading words with more letters and trickier phonics. Little David, on the other hand, is as apathetic as Tot is anxious. While at this age Tot was SO into "school", he could absolutely not care less. There are times when he insists that he is in "Kinnergarden" like Tot, but mostly he's content to do a tracing worksheet or two, and then be done. I'm seeing that this homeschooling thing has a steep learning curve. I've learned quickly that the end game is not to have my children learn more faster. It's not to have them grade levels ahead of their peers, and it's not to make them the smartest children in the room. Our endgame is to give them a love of learning and the tools to learn whatever they want to know. Now, of course I'm striving for excellence here, but not at the cost of the joy of learning. What good would it do for all three of my kids to be able to read but hate doing it? So, we are making sure that in the quest for a high quality education, we aren't losing the joy.

What I'm Reading: As for me, I'm currently still (vaguely) plugging away at my George Washington biography (I really want to like it, but it's I'm also re-reading Little Women and The Well Trained Mind. And a lot of blogs. Of course.

How We're Rolling: I'd say we are moving forward with Joy.

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