Friday, February 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


You may not know how big of a deal this is for me, but I just went through my Google Reader and deleted about twenty feeds. I went through my list and culled anything that regularly made me feel discontent or unhappy with anything in my life. Of course, I kept all my friends and I kept those that challenge me in a good way, but the rest had to go.


Dave just came into the house for a snack break while the kids had rest time. We stood over the kitchen counter and ate dessert out of the pan. Have I mentioned how much I love him working from home?


Next week we have no school. I am SO EXCITED. We are homeschooling year round and taking one week off every month. I have never been more assured that this was a good choice than today. I'm tired, I'm ready for a break and sho' nuff, we've got one scheduled. We'll be doing lots of being lazy my friends. Lots.


Dave and I are getting excited about planting our vegetable and flower gardens this year. We are turning our old dog run into a garden, and first up is chopping down a tree that got damaged from the TWELVE inches of snow we got last week. It will give half of our yard full sun - yay! Then we'll be building two smallish raised beds - one for vegetables and one for flowers. We may even get around to setting up my long desired metal clothes line, but we'll see. I've been going over seed catalogs for weeks deciding what we want to plant. Thankfully, Dave actually wants to do this, too (quite a few of the men in his family were very good gardeners), and I'm not having to drag him kicking and screaming to Home Depot.


Cutest. face. ever. I'm just sayin'.


If you are by chance looking for some awesome coloring books, you need to check out these. Great, clear illustration, no cartoon characters, and a wide variety of subjects. My kids are majorly loving the insects one, and we have a couple more on their way.


Maybe the worst picture ever, but it cements in my heart our Friday Family Nights. We make pizza (last week we threw caution to the wind and had sausage - it was a hit), watch a movie, snuggle on the couch, watch a movie with the kids, put the kids to bed late, then Dave and I stay up even later and watch our own movie. Last week we opted out of the move and watched the Olympics instead (and a new Phineaus & Ferb) and this week I imagine we'll do the same. I love, love, love that we do this every week and that the kids know when it's Friday and ask all day long when Family Night begins. I also love that they actually all take naps on Friday in preparation. Beautiful!

Have a great weekend!


Daisha said...

Your Friday nights seem so special. Maybe the next time I'm in the Dallas area, I could be a fly-on-the-wall for one of your evenings and document the whole process with a free photo session.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Of course! You know, you could even just bring your babies and hang out :)

Jennifer said...

First, CONGRATS on David being home! I didn't know that was official!
Second, I'd love to pick your brain on the gardening stuff.
Third, Allie looks a LOT like Little David in that close-up picture - precious!
Fourth, I LOVE your idea for Family Night on Fridays. When Jasper gets a little older, I'm going to copy!
Fifth - WE NEED TO HANG OUT. I need some Unsinkable influence :)