Monday, February 22, 2010


That, my friends, is the sound of one very relaxed Unsinkable.

Why so relaxed, Unsinkable? I'll tell you why in two words:

School. Break.

This week we are on break. No school, no nothing.

(Yes, that is a picture of Allie being held captive by her siblings, wearing pants on her head, in the middle of our living room taken over by forts and pajama wearing pirates.)

We're homeschooling year round, so that means that at the end of each month we will be taking an entire week off (with two weeks off around Christmas, no break in January, and two weeks off during the summer). We will not be doing any reading, any math, any anything during these breaks - only fun things.

I am so stoked.

The only thing on my plate this week is playing with the kids, letting the schedule go to crap, and watching a lot of TV and eating badly. Which gives me lots of time to do the things I actually want to do!

Enter the Pick & Choose List.

The Pick & Choose List is a list of all the things I want to do. I won't do them all, I probably won't even do half of them. But I will take take to pick and choose things off the list that I will enjoy doing while I have a week off to do them. Why Unsinkable, what is on your list? I knew you would ask that, so I came prepared.

The February Pick & Choose List

Bath & Wine Night
Make chocolate chip cookies.
Make Chewy Pecan Rolls.
Let the kids have a sleepover in Little David's room.
Make church bags full of quiet things for all three kids

Make painted cork coasters with the kids
Paint with the kids
Clean out my dresser
Finish all that laundry (ha!)
Clean out the linen closet
Have some play dates
Get my car inspected (not as fun, but needs to be done)
Write letters with Tot
Take the kids to a park
Make flower/vegetable garden plans, make calls about getting mulch from the city
Finalize curriculum plans for next year
Finalize clothing lists for kids (because I can't go to the JBF sale this spring - *sob*)
Diddle around

I am pretty sure that if nothing else, I will get to the last item on my list :)


Chappy said...

i like the 12th one. :)

Kristen said...

They are sooooo cute!!