Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Short Cuts

This Thursday, I am most thankful for shortcuts. Things that in a perfect world I wouldn't need, but am really glad that I have anyways. Also, I am refusing to feel bad about these short cuts, and I'm also refusing to even try to change them any time soon. So there.

1. The Swiffer Wet Jet - It really is just as handy as it says it is. Everything is right there, it's low fuss, and it gets my floors clean enough. I like hand mopping better, but who really has time for that? When all I need to do is swipe up some muddy dog prints (the bane of my existance) then whoosh I do it. I know I could do the same thing with a regular mop, or even just a paper towel, but the Swiffer is just so speedy. So speedy.

2. Paper plates - Ah, the most ridiculous of short cuts. How much more time does it take do use a real plate, I mean really? Hardly any at all. So WHY does using paper always make me feel like I just got the best break in the world? I'll tell you why - because when everyone is done eating I just toss it all in the dang trash. I don't spend an ounce of time above that. It may save me only three or four minutes - tops - of overall time and effort, but it frees my soul. Yes, using paper plates frees my soul. I am that over dramatic.

3. Paper napkins - Again, cloth is so much more useful and so much cuter, but I can toss these in the trash. Are you seeing a theme here? Trash.

4. Cereal - In a perfect world, I would be making hot breakfasts every morning. I would make oatmeal or 5 grain cereal most days, whole wheat pancakes/waffles the others, and of course Donut Day on Saturday. But dude, I am tired. And cereal is fast. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not even buying good cereal - like Kashi or Fiber One or Cascadian Farm or whatever. I'm getting Honey Nut Cheerios and Captain Crunch. Yes, All Stars in the Pantheon of junk breakfasts. But oh well. Cereal is quick, every one eats, and that is about all I'll be concerning myself with for awhile. I may throw in some good hot breakfasts every now and then, but for now I'll just pour cereal that I know everyone will eat and be happy about it.

5. Dusting - I'm not doing it. Or deep cleaning. I'm all over basic maintenance right now, baby. I'll get the dishes done, I'll get the laundry done (though maybe not folded), and I'll get the floors vacuumed and the toilets cleaned. But that's pretty much it. I'm counting my day over if I've done those things, anything else is just a bonus.

At some point I'll hike up my big girl panties and get back to doing things how I would prefer, but until then, I'm going to take these short cuts happily and not worry my pretty little head over them. There are hills to die on, and using paper plates just isn't one for me. I'll take the convenience during this season, and recycle like heck later to make up for it. I figure this, I want to keep the things I love the most and the things I think are most worth the effort - homeschooling, cloth diapering, cooking decent dinners (note: dinner, not breakfast), exercising, and not losing my dang mind.

So today, I'm counting myself thankful for the shortcuts.


A Fancher said...

Amen Sister!

Sarah said...

There's a lot to be said for not losing your dang mind.

Daisha said...

Our go-to no-brainer for a breakfast are frozen waffles. I pop those babies in the toaster and when they are done I hand them strait to the kids. No plates, no napkins, so sugary substance to make them more palatable. I figure I got this trick going when my kids were young enough, they don't even know that they can be better. Yeah for shortcuts.

And I'm enjoying the dichotomy of paper plates and napkins, but cloth diapering. It shows you're human afterall. :)