Friday, March 19, 2010

Science Project: Root Vue Farm

This Christmas Tot hit the science jackpot. My Dad and Tamara got her a kit that will let her grow root vegetables and actually see the roots as they grow! I wanted to start it around the time we planned to plant our regular garden, so we've been waiting for warmer weather to begin. Well, the big garden plans have been shoved back another month, and I've been getting itchy dirt fingers. So out came the Root Vue Farm!

It came with all of the things pictured above: A styrofoam container, seed packs, dirt circles, and instructions. Despite my incredible organizational skillz (har), I completely lost the instructions sometime between Christmas and today, so I had to wing it. I got out all of our supplies, stuck the Gator in her highchair so she could have a good view and feel like she was in the party, and away we went.

First off, it's a cool self watering thing. The actual soil container has three holes at the bottom where you put small pieces of rope in and then the bottom section holds the water. As the rope soaks in the water, the soil and plants get it. Well played, Root Vue. We set up the rope sections and container and then set to work on the soil circles.

Picture courtesy of Tot :)

We put the dirt circles into a large mixing bowl and gradually poured water in as we stirred. It took much more water than I expected, but this way both kids got a chance to pour and stir and you know we can't do anything with out it all being FAIR. Oh laws, am I tired of hearing about the fairness of things.

We broke apart all the still try hunks of dirt and dumped all the dirt into the container nice and cleanly. Hmm...maybe it was more like each child seeing who could get more of their scoop of dirt all over the table instead of the container, but whatever. Next we got to pick what seeds we wanted to plant and where to plant them. Little David chose carrots, Tot picked radishes, and I got the green onions. Personally, I think I won that deal.

We planted them right next to the window. The instructions said (well, reviewers on Amazon said that the instructions said this) to plant them 1/4" away from the window, but everyone online said that you still had trouble seeing the roots that way. So we got them good and snug up there and covered them all back up. I filled up the water tray, gave stern instructions to look and not touch without permission and then we all made guesses on when the first seed would show up. Tot thinks her radishes will start to sprout tomorrow. Little David said Yellow. I don't think he really understood what we were going for.

Anyways, here is a picture of our final work:

We'll be spending the next few weeks reading up on how seeds grow, what plants need to live, living vs. non-living things, etc. I've got lots of books picked out and hopefully we can wrap up this project by planting our big garden outside. And when these veggies are done growing, I'm thinking we'll toss some worms in there and see how that looks. Tot will be thrilled :)

Thanks Dad & Tamara!


Sarah said...

Love it - "Little David said yellow." That made me snort.

Looks like a really fun project for you and the kiddos. Take pics along the way!

A Fancher said...

That looks really cool! Keep us updated on the growing process.

E.T.'s Mom said...

What a great project! Will you post a follow-up blog if it all works as anticipated? Sounds like an idea I'd like to tuck away for next year.