Friday, April 09, 2010

Back Home Again

Corn fields

Porch swings

Gene's Rootbeer

Frazier's ice cream

Mounds Park

Church home

Old friends

Best family


Yep, it's time to get back home again.

We all know how I feel about Indiana, and I have been feeling so homesick for it lately I could barely breathe. I always get homesick in the fall, but this year it struck early. I woke up one day and just needed to be home. I love Texas and never want to leave, but I will never stop thinking of Indiana as my special place. So, I informed Dave that I needed to get back and asked when we could make that happen. Sweet man that he is, made it happen and he made it happen fast. We'll be leaving in 5 weeks! I know!

So, Indiana friends, mark your calendars. The Unsinkable is on her way!

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