Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keep Calm And Carry On

Oh friends, it's been a day. It's been a day already and it's barely past noon.

So far, my day has included waking up to find the children holding a mostly empty tray where 20+ No Bake Cookies had been before. Oh the gastrointestinal woes that awaited them (and me, by proxy). Little David spends the morning emptying the dress up box and every other box. Then while I talked with an AT&T repair man in our back yard (that I wasn't expecting) wearing my pajama pants and muddy cowboy boots, they woke up the (teething, fever running, no sleeping) Gator and hid her in Tot's room. As I escorted said AT&T repair man out of our (broken) gate past our (barking, muddy) dog, I see the children running around our front yard clad only in underwear and my shoes. And I still haven't found the Gator. I get them all inside, walk to Tot's room and find the entire room dismantled and the Gator hiding behind a pile of blankets. They are instructed to clean the room or there will be no mercy.

Tot runs in later while I'm unpacking a large box of curriculum that just arrived saying the duck was burned.

Wait, what?

(For the rest of the story, yes there's more, visit The 728b Foundation Blog)

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Jennifer said...

You made my WEEK calling to tell me about all this. Seriously. It was needed. Oh, how I LOVE having a wonderful friend who understands!!